Microsoft Finally Delivers Arm64EC for Windows 11

Posted on August 10, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Windows 11 with 0 Comments

Over one year after Microsoft announced Arm64EC for Windows 11, Microsoft announced that this new developer technology is finally available.

“With Arm64EC you can mix Arm and x64 code in the same process, allowing you to port existing x64 apps to Arm in an incremental way,” Microsoft’s Pranav Srinvasan announced. “[It’s] a new way to bring apps to Windows on Arm.”

Arm64EC—which Microsoft originally branded as ARM64EC—is a new application binary interface (ABI) for Windows 11 on Arm (previously ARM) that runs at native speeds and provides interoperability with x64 code. With Arm64EC, apps and processes can mix and match Arm64EC and x64 as needed, Microsoft says, easing the process of bringing legacy apps to Windows 11 on Arm, and reducing the need to use emulation.

If you’re a developer who would like to get a traditional Windows app ported to Arm, you should check out Microsoft’s Arm64EC getting started documentation and their more detailed explanation of how the Arm64EC ABIs work.

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