Learn Windows 10 Development with This Free Microsoft Video Series

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Learn Windows 10 Development with This Free Microsoft Video Series

If you’re a fan of video-based developer training as I am, you’ll want to check this one out: last week’s three-day live video event, A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, is now available to download or stream for free. The series includes 22 videos, each almost an hour long, and a ton of ancillary materials.

Just as good, the series stars two Microsoft developer heavyweights, Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and Microsoft Technical Evangelist Andrew Wigley, the latter of whom you may remember from previous Microsoft Jump Start video series about Windows Phone and Windows 8 development. Based on my previous experiences, I’m quite sure this series is quite good.

Here’s a rundown of the videos in the series.

01 | The Universal Windows Platform

02 | MStore & Monetization

03 | XAML Controls

04 | XAML Data binding

05 | XAML performance

06 | Adaptive design

07 | Adaptive UI

08 | Adaptive Code

09 | File Management

10 | SQLite Local Database

11 | App to App Communication

12 | Localizing your app

13 | Application lifecycle

14 | Background execution

15 | Application Services

16 | Microsoft Web Platform

17 | Connected Experiences

18 | Navigation

19 | Networking and Cloud Services

20 | Live tiles

21 | Porting 8.1 Apps to Windows 10

22 | Sharing and Drag-and-Drop

I’ve already download the whole set and can’t wait to dive into this one.

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