Just edited a document on Grammarly in Safari on the iPad. New browser improve apparently has Grammarly thinking your on a computer. Then again, I guess I am now. Don’t use the mouse thing. It messes everything up. Also, office online thinks your on a computer too. Mouse support would make the iPad a perfect replacement for laptop.

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  1. jltuv

    The pencil acts like a mouse. I am good.

    • wp7mango

      In reply to Jltuv:

      The pen on the Surface Pro also acts as a 2-button mouse, so I definitely get that. However, sometimes a mouse is still better, depending on the task, especially when being used as an actual laptop or even docked as a desktop where you really don't want to be reaching for the screen.

      Whilst improved, iPadOS is still some way short of allowing the iPad to be a laptop replacement, and probably always will be, although that probably depend on the user.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    Interesting. Still think most people would want a mouse. The reaching up for touch or pencil usage will get tiring over time.

    • curtisspendlove

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Agreed, for the most part; though the keyboard shortcut improvements in 13 are impressive. If I could just install vim it could be a serious contender against my MacBook. :p

      But seriously the “laptop replacement” feasibility is severely impacted by what one does with a laptop. I still maintain that most people that can replace a traditional laptop with an iPad didn’t really need a laptop to begin with; it was simply the best tool we had at the time. (Same thing for those that can do everything with their phones as opposed to a traditional computer.)

  3. jchampeau

    Perfect replacement....until you go to install QuickBooks or print to a non-AirPrint-enabled printer or log into something that requires Java.

  4. Ron Diaz

    Funny that MS fans thought touch was the future when Windows 8 came out. Now we need mice for iPads....

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to Hypnotoad:

      I still remember getting a Pantech Element for Android many years ago and loving that tablet. Great form factor, great size, etc. And hearing CNet give it a bad review because the 8" screen at 4:3 was not good (Molly Wood said that) .... not the OS.,.. just the screen....

      Then the iPad mini comes out with a 7.9" screen less than a year later.... same aspect ratio... and they loved the screen size saying it was perfect.

      If Apple came out with the Pantech Element, they would've gone nuts for it.

  5. jimchamplin

    iPadOS features a major change to Safari that's causing those pages to act that way. Instead of requiring you to explicitly ask for a desktop version of a site, Safari now reports as desktop Safari and gets the full site by default. Simple change with broad ramifications!

    And the "mouse thing" is an accessibility feature. It's not a "secret mouse support feature."

  6. Lauren Glenn

    And this is why I stopped using the iPad years ago..... as Paul has said too (I think.... maybe it was Leo).... you're buying a tablet and then buying a keyboard and then a pencil so you can have the experience of a laptop with more restrictions.... why not just buy a laptop?

    And then I stopped buying iPads.... the only reason I bought the new iPad Mini 5 recently was that it's a larger screen than a phone and wider screen (in portrait mode.... not that stupid 2.1:1 ratio screens). Makes it far easier to see my emails at a glance while on the go. Add to that the fact that I slapped one of those wallets on the back that are made to stick to phones to hold a few cards..... and now I don't need a wallet anymore. Now it has a purpose for me. And an occasional video, some music, etc.

    But I still have a laptop because sometimes you just need one for work.... and that Fujitsu one cost me $150.... and it's expandable with removable batteries. Best of both worlds.