Need Mac Purchase Advice/Tips


I’m considering purchasing a Mac. I’ve been a Windows user all my life. But we’re an iPhone household and I’ve been getting an itch to try my hand at creating iOS app. But to also try a Mac and experience that eco-system of iPhone, Apple Watch and a Mac. This is entirely new to to me so ANY tips or recommendations would be appreciated. Any specific Macs you recommend would also be appreciated. I’m in no rush either, they are expensive. I’m not a PC gamer although I do play Stellaris or Minecraft every now and then but not gamer enough to drop the amount of cash to game on an Apple. I can get my gaming fix from my XBOX or Switch. I mostly surf the web, lots of Edge tabs up, use Excel, Word, and OneNote a lot, have YouTube up going through my subscriptions while surfing the web in other tabs. I do have an external 34 inch wide screen monitor that I use for working from home. I’d like to connect this Mac to use it when sitting at my desk. So would be cool with the Mac Mini or laptop. Just being able to connect to my monitor would be a must. Thanks in advance!

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