Siri is dumb


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  1. Lordbaal

    Trying to edit the post to post a picture. It keeps saying

    This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.HTTP ERROR 500

  2. kindsoul

    Your link doesn't opened for me, so.. can I check it with any other link too? Seems legit..

    I guess Siri shouldn't be smart, since the time-spend on this project is too less than it required to become mindful!

  3. Lauren Glenn

    They're all relatively dumb. I have both a Google Assistant and an Amazon Echo. Each one works well in many things and fail in one thing I want them to do.

    Echo can't send directions to my Android phone, Google can.

    Google can't use Apple Music, Echo can

    Google can't receive phone calls, Echo can with Skype

    You can't hang up a phone with Echo unless you tell it to. Google Home lets you tap it to hang up

    Both, however, let you do those touchtone menus (which I found out recently). Just say "Alexa... [or OK Google] Press 1" and it will hit the one on a keypad. Very convenient.

    Although for Siri, I only use it to play music on my iPad when I want to change tracks in the car.... or if I want it to do navigation in the car. It's good for basic things....

    But like when I asked Echo if Texas was a "two-party consent state" (with regards to recording phone calls.... which Bing responded to properly), it began to shout out loud what the age of sexual consent was in every state..... so they're all basically dense and each one does one thing better than someone else. In the end, they're all annoying as hell most of the time and the only time I like using them at home is to turn things on and off, ask what time it is, and set alarms all from my bed without getting up out of it. :)

  4. Daekar

    They're all pretty dumb, honestly. I get what I want less than half the time it occurs to me to try something that would be convenient to do by voice.

    I asked Siri this morning how much rain we were going to get today and she said, "It looks like it's raining right now." That was very helpful, as I was driving 70 mph down the road at the time and wouldn't have realized that stuff on my wipers was rain if she hadn't told me.

    To be fair, when asked the same question right after, Google told me it would rain until 3pm and gave the name of the town to clarify.

  5. Lordbaal

    Go and try to edit thread, saying technical difficulties.

    I told them like 2 years ago about problems with posting pictures. They haven't done anything about it.

  6. bob_shutts

    I disable Siri as much as Apple will let me. I use Google Maps, Assistant, etc. I've turned off all Google tracking in settings, but guess what? When I go back to settings a month or so later, tracking is magically turned back on. *sigh*

  7. Tony Barrett

    'Smart' assistants are probably the mental age of a toddler right now. They can all do the basics, but are still very limited in dealing with real world conversations. Google Assistant is by far the most capable though, followed by Alexa and Cortana (another dying MS service). Bringing up the rear is, yes, Siri - widely regarded as a not-so-smart assistant, capable off adding milk to your shopping list, playing a song and not much more. Apple have *lot* of catching up to do!

  8. Greg Green

    I recently got a suggestion from Siri to “Buy something at Lowe’s”, perhaps because I had used the Lowe’s app a few days earlier to check product reviews. This suggestion was aimless and beyond useless. The annoying thing was I had to turn off Siri suggestions app by app, for 30 or so, one by one. Made Siri seem even more useless and stupid.

  9. Lordbaal

    What the image showed, was that I typed in 30.00-10%. it said 29.90.

    But if I ask her, she gives me the correct number.

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