Apple iPhone X Couldn’t Distinguish Between Chinese Faces


I saw another story a while back about how family members were able to unlock each others iPhone X also. Seems like they should have found a way to keep the figure print reader in the phone while they tried to transition to Face ID.

This story reminded me of problems with the xbox kinect when it was first released not being able to see people who had a darker skin color. Obviously a tech issue but does make you wonder how these things are tested before being released.

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5 responses to “Apple iPhone X Couldn’t Distinguish Between Chinese Faces”

  1. jimchamplin

    No plan survives contact with the enemy.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    This doesn't surprise me, sadly.

  3. Polycrastinator

    Apple should be embarrassed by this, if true. I kind of understand how this could have happened years ago, but we've had probably a decade of various minorities not being correctly recognized by computers, and they should know to test for this sort of thing by now.

    • PincasX

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      Did you read the article because the title is wildly misleading. Two people were able to unlock the same phone and they happened to live in China. That is it. Admittedly that isn't good given that FaceID is supposed to be secure but there is no reason to think that it was because of the their ethnicity or that it is a widespread problem in China.