Lol the new iPad Pro’s are a sheet of aluminum foil


The new iPad Pro’s are 5.9 mm thin but the actual ‘chassis’ is even thinner than that, it’s pretty much a sheet of aluminum foil and it bends with minimal effort. How do people compare this cheap crap to a Surface Pro? Apple doesn’t even care at this point, they’ve been through this before with the iPhone 6 bendgate and they’ve done it again. Apple doesn’t learn from their mistakes, they don’t deserve their reputation for quality.

Rant over, thank you for reading.

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  1. Angusmatheson

    We just got one for work. It feels pretty solid. The keyboard is back ordered and not arriving until next week, so we’ll see how it holds up when the scribe carries it around all day. In the hand it doesn’t feel flimsy.

  2. willr

    Apple just released a statement to The Verge about this:

    "Apple has confirmed to The Verge that some of its 2018 iPad Pros are shipping with a very slight bend in the aluminum chassis. But according to the company, this is a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process and shouldn’t worsen over time or negatively affect the flagship iPad’s performance in any practical way. Apple does not consider it to be a defect."

    go to the verge for the rest of the article

  3. curtisspendlove

    Are people still trying to bend $1,000+ devices? Seems unwise.

  4. Jeffsters

    People do compare...that's why Ipad sales are what 10x surface sales?

  5. waethorn

    Just FYI: the difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple doesn't subsidize their hardware with software sales.

  6. willr

    The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel just did the same bend test to the Surface Pro 6 and he couldn't bend it, it was still working even after him trying to bend it repeatedly! Surface is higher quality than the crap Apple is putting out these days and people need to know. Apple used to be quality but not anymore

  7. Tony Barrett

    From what I've seen and read so far, minimal force is required to actually bend this thing. People have reported them being bent out of the box, or after a few days being carried around in a back pack. It used to be that you could be reasonably sure you'd get a high quality device from Apple, but now it's all about reducing quality, increasing price and taking ever larger profits per device sold.

    • Angusmatheson

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I think it isn’t about reducing quality - but obsessive drive for thinness. And not realizing what people do with their devices. Famously I with the iPhone 6 Plus - not realizing that they would bend when poeole put them in their back pockets. I bet no one in apple even through that people would do that. I have one. It is super thin and light. Did the old iPad Pro need to get thinner and lighter? Really. It was already super thin before. That being said before apple created the MacBook Air - everyone was happy making either giant laptops or crappy pudgy small screened netbooks. We have all benefitted from Apple pushing the industry to make smaller devices. It does seem get rediclous. It reminds me of the great old SNL about Steve Jobs and the iPod micro.

  8. tmslayton

    Ugh, I don't buy Apple products anymore. They have just become too expensive.