Apple fourth quarter results


The tech giant has blown past every wall street predictions.. And is also in line with expected outlook. All this without taking into account, Iphone X!

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  1. PincasX

    The quarter was great but the real winner was the guidance for Q1 2018. 84-87 billion? That is unreal.

  2. TechnologyTemperance

    I just find Apple (and more gadget tech) boring at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed by revenue. They make tons of money, and kudos to them. It's like pouring over GMs quarterly results to find out how many cars and trucks they sold.

  3. nbplopes

    To be honest for the first time since the iPhone 1, even I am surprised.

    Need to ponder ... Because there is something that I am not seeing while avoiding the trap of “everyone else is a blond”.

    PS: A bit of sarcasm - After all Pixel 2 is not defining anything for the future. People who bought it are trapped fixing it. And who have bought the Bixby phone, looks like they have been missing AI of sorts. Look in the end people want a future that works now.

    Much like the XBox One X. In a way it’s kind of retro leaving AR outside the gates for now. Kudus to the Xbox One team.

  4. GT Tecolotecreek

    Real question is how I Paul going put a negative spin on the results.

    Predictions made in his blog posts were wrong and with that guidance I suspect Apple is selling a lot of iPhones X in the next quarter. And based on the reviews I've seen in the audio blogs HomePod will be another strong seller for the holidays.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to GT_Tecolotecreek:

      I don't put a "negative spin" on Apple's results. I report the news.

      • Brett Barbier

        In reply to paul-thurrott:

        Yeah, agreed. You delineate pretty well between analysis of what has happened and opinion/predictions.

        I don't think it was crazy to assume that the iPhone numbers for this quarter would be down from last year. The reasoning made sense to me.

        • PincasX

          In reply to Brett_B:

          I don't get the crowd that thought that iPhone numbers would be off this quarter. Apple gave guidance for the quarter and is legally obligated to announce in advance if they were going to miss it. In the end they landed within the guidance they gave. The only way someone would come to the conclusion that the quarter would off would have been to ignore the guidance that Apple gave and ignore the fact that they didn't announce that they would miss it. That is an incredible amount of willful ignorance.

          • Brett Barbier

            In reply to PincasX:

            I'm not sure Paul predicted they would miss their estimates, though. I think he predicted the iPhone 8 would do worse than the actual results seem to indicate it did.

            • PincasX

              In reply to Brett_Barbier:

              Right, but those two things are linked, right? Over half of Apple's revenue comes from the iPhone. In August Apple provided guidance for Q4 2017 and the low end of that guidance was above the Q4 2016 revenue number. They also gave guidance on gross margins for Q4 of 37.5 - 38% which was on par with the 38% achieved in Q4 2016. The only way Apple could make those numbers was for the iPhone 8(+) to sell as well or better than the iPhone 7(+).

              And again, Apple is legally obligated to warn shareholders if they are going to come in short of guidance and they didn't.

              So, again, if Paul or anyone else, expected the iPhone numbers to be off this last quarter they did so out of willful ignorance or wishful thinking.

              • Brett Barbier

                In reply to PincasX:

                Sure, they're linked, but their guidance was something like $49-52 billion in revenue, and they wound up with $52.6 billion. They could've been $3.6 billion worse and still be within the guidance. Paul (and many others) were thinking that the iPhone 8 models weren't going to do as well as they apparently did. Last year, revenue was $46.9 billion, with the iPhone 7 models leading the way.

                • PincasX

                  In reply to Brett_Barbier:

                  How much over their low end guidance they went is irrelevant. The low end guidance was above what they actually achieved in the same quarter a year ago.

                  I think I see where the disconnect is in your conversation and it is around what Paul had said. I’m going to quote him from Oct 25th;

                  ”Apple will likely sell fewer handsets in a launch quarter than it did the year before for the first time ever.”

                  That isn’t a matter of missing exactly how well the phone was doing, he’s saying the sales have gone down. He is also saying this after the quater had ended and Apple issued no warning. There is no reasonable way that Apple would have seen a year over year decline in iPhone sales and yet would have seen revenue go up by 2 billion. It simply doesn’t make sense. Especially since Paul had already (incorrectly) reported that Mac sales were down in the same quarter due to customers rejecting MacBook Pro (despite Paul’s claims Mac sales were up by double digits). I guess he thought both Mac and iPhone sales had tanked and somehow the iPad, Apple Watch and services were going to explode? That can’t be the case because he has declared the Apple Watch a failure (up by double digit growth) declared new to not be good enough to drive growth (again double digit growth).

                  You are free to disagree but there is no way that Paul’s claims can be squared with the facts. Apple’s minimum guidance was for growth year over year and there was no way for that to happen at the same time that the iPhone is tanking.

                • Brett Barbier

                  In reply to PincasX:

                  Ah, I hadn't seen that quote, to be honest. I thought it was more vague, and primarily that the general consensus after their results were announced would be that Apple had done poorly/below expectations. Instead, it seems most were surprised how the numbers turned out, pretty much across the board. I know I was expecting the numbers to be lower than they were, just from what I had heard and read across a variety of sources.

          • Bob Shutts

            In reply to PincasX:

            I don't think the proprietor of this site understands the nuances of your excellent analysis.


    • PincasX

      In reply to GT_Tecolotecreek:

      Am I the only one looking forward to that? It's going to be fantastic.

  5. Jeffsters

    Well...came back here after an extended hiatus after Paul made a personal attack on Tim Cook. Alas so much for this being a “Home for Tech Enthusiasts”! Let’s see...iPhone X released and crickets, Apple earnings released, and crickets. I guess if you aren’t the new Surface, Xbox One, or Microsoft releasing earnings, you aren’t of interest to “Tech Enthusiasts”! Uh huh.