Cooking videos?


Is anybody else getting auto-play cooking videos embedded in the Premium site?

Has the site been hacked or what is going on? This doesn’t feel like a Thurrott thing.

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  1. wright_is

    (I have contacted support, just wanted to know if everybody is getting this spam).

    It has been embedded "in" my comment above.

    I read a couple of new forum threads and saw the video and assumed that a spammer had posted the threads, then I looked again and realised that the posts were from respected posters.

  2. George Coll

    Premium Members, wright_is right. We are aware of the situation and are in contact with our ad partner to resolve the issue. We hope to have the issue resolved quickly. Thank you for your patience!

  3. madthinus

    When will the ads disappear?

    • George Coll

      Members, we are hopeful to have the issie resolved within the next 48 hours. Again, our sincere apologies.

  4. rob_segal

    Chef John cooking videos > Windows Phone

  5. starkover

    Now I want to see the cooking video :)

  6. madthinus

    Yip, in Firefox on the desktop and on Safari in iOS 15

  7. Josh

    Adverts everywhere for me. I slightly appreciate the education on using dry and fresh herbs though.

  8. jimchamplin

    Yes. I have full ads on the site. Auto play videos - currently two. One in-line and one PiP -still image ads, and interstitials. Noticed it last night, figured it was some sort of site issue.

  9. Chris_Kez

    My god, yes. I opened an article and there are multiple ads including the cooking video. Yikes!

  10. ngc224

    wright_is, Thanks for mentioning this. I was wondering the same thing.

  11. navarac

    Nope, not seen (yet!).

  12. jack

    I’ve seen the cooking video too plus other advertising.

    • jack

      The other advertising, I mentioned only appears on mobile, not desktop.