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I’m a big fan of the Thurrott Daily round-ups, which happen about 2-3 times a week or so.  However, they are posted either on or – and I end up missing the Petri ones, as honestly I rarely visit the sister site.

Can we get a header that lets us click on them and find all the recent ones?

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    29 December, 2016 - 3:57 pm

    <p>Hmm, not sure what you mean?&nbsp;</p>

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      29 December, 2016 - 9:39 pm

      <blockquote><em><a href="#32721">In reply to </a><a href="../../../../users/brad-sams">Brad Sams</a><a href="#32721">:</a></em></blockquote>
      <p>I’m guessing he is talking about Paul’s Short Takes that are on Petri? &nbsp;They are also listed on the right side of the is how I normally find them.</p>

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