Praise the Lord Brad Sams went on Vacation !!


Hi Readers


I would like to firstly clarify my Subject Title to this post.

Brad Sam’s is truly an integral part to He plays an amazing part to this awesome sites. And Paul and Brads first ring daily for mainly premium members was a genius move.


Now the reason for the post.


First Ring Daily for this week has been the best. To hear from the team behind opened up to what the site is all about and who plays such a part. I know I had commented that I thought that this would be a good idea. Realizing that there is a team behind that it would be great to see and hear from them.


Personally, the two podcasts with Andrew were my favorite. To get to know Andrew a little better and then Paul interview. That was one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Getting a new insight to who Paul is was awesome.


Ultimately this is just to thank the team of for all they do.


Thank you for letting us to get to know you all a little more.