Mehedi’s Writing


I don’t know the guy. He could be the sweetest, most well intentioned soul on Earth, but his writing skills are terrible. Here’s an example:

Microsoft is today releasing a new build of Redstone 4 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring today. Build 17134 is being rolled out to Insiders in the Fast Ring today after delaying the public release of Redstone 4.

This is not an isolated incident. His posts are often littered with redundant sentences and monotonous word selections. We may no longer have the luxury of copy editors (not that they do any good — have you read The Verge lately?), but these college freshman level errors are inexcusable for a respected industry blog!

I hope this feedback is taken in the spirit in which it is given. I want Thurrott to thrive, not become a joke.

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