What do you want to see from us in 2017?


Hey Everyone,

What do you want to see from Paul and I in 2017? We have lots of site features in the pipeline but aside from those…is there any type of content you want to see, more video/less video or have a crazy idea about where we should head to next?


Let us know, we sincerely value your opinion and you have already helped shape this site (such as all the segments we do on First Ring Daily) in many ways.

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  1. 5027

    Well a few things.

    1. A working commenting system in par with Disqus, as in working notifications, block users function, report spam, better editing function.

    2. Not having to login to the website every single time as a Premium user

    3. Not having to see 'Join Premium' in the page menu when i'm logged in as a premium user.


    Regarding content:

    Better coverage of Enterprise, professional use of Windows and Microsoft services so on.. 

    Better focus on the world, it is often, (or at least I feel personally it is) a lot of focus only on what is happening in the US. I of course understand that this is a US based site, but it is also an Technology focus site, and on the Internet, so it would be nice if there was a bit less focus on US.  But that is just a humble request of course.

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      In reply to JudaZuk:

      Same here. Multiple logins in the same browser on the same PC on the same day. In fact, I've had to re-login 4 times today just to post my comments and replies. It has always been less than ideal, but it seems to have gotten worse lately. I wonder if something is "broken."

    • 686

      In reply to JudaZuk:

      Seeing as this is a Microsoft focused site, could we be able to log-in using the authentication engine from Microsoft just like I can from the Feedly site?  The way this is phrased on the website is that I'm "logged in via Windows" if that helps.

    • 677

      In reply to JudaZuk:

      Logging into the website everytime ? 

      Just tick the remember me box.


    • 49

      In reply to JudaZuk:

      The login bug was fixed and then has shown up again ( i see it too), told our dev who is looking into it.



      Also, for enterprise content, we view Thurrott as more consumer-side content, the enterprise content lives on Petri.com

      • 892

        In reply to Brad Sams:

        Just a few days ago, my login for the premium portion of the site automatically signed me in.  It's been automatically logging me in ever since.

    • 1

      In reply to JudaZuk:

      I up-voted this list.  I'm basically responsible for making functionality happen.  This bodes well for this list.  This is a good list.  Carry on.

      • 5027

        In reply to Tim:

        The fact that 'Join Premium' is shown in the menu when you are logged in as a premium member was reported months ago, and it still have not been fixed, what I can not understand is how this can take so long to solve. It should take about 2 - 5 seconds for a half-skilled drunk web developer to fix, no offence, how come that is taking so long? 

        The comment system takes a while to build, I understand that, but removing a menu item? It is hardly rocket science.  

        As regular visitor I can of course also question why the decision was made to remove a well working comment system in Disqus, with a half finished very basic comment system, that also splits up comments  based on paying member or others for no real reason....before it was even finished. But I guess you had your reasons and, well  your site, and you can mess it up as you feel like of course.. Building a brand new system from scratch takes time..   fixing simple menu items does not. 

    • 249

      In reply to JudaZuk:

      Yes, working notifications would be fantastic.

  2. 289

        Brad/Paul, this recent podcast from Steve Litchfield at All About Windows Phone is a great example of the type of thing I'd like to see once a month from you guys- a conversation with someone who transforms the raw stuff from Redmond into something that benefits everyday users.

        In this case Steve had a 30-40 minute discussion with the developers of Bringcast to talk about the development of the app and a bit about themselves.  It was interesting to hear them talk about waiting for a particular Windows update that would allow the app to run properly in the background; how they're focusing on the core engine before polishing some UI stuff and adding features; they're approach to pricing; thoughts about the competition, etc.  

        It needn't always be an app developer; it could be an engineer from an OEM talking about their design choices, what they were trying to achieve, who they were targeting with a given device, etc.  Or you could talk to someone in education who is using Microsoft to transform their workplace.  So much coverage here and at other tech sites is just about the latest product, the latest build, the latest headline-grabbing acquisition.  There are a million other stories about the work people are doing everyday and it's largely ignored. 


    AAWP Insight #202: A BringCast Special

    • 6852

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      Just want to second this. Interviews or discussions with OEM hardware designers, Windows software developers, others engaged in the MS ecosystem would be really awesome.

    • 10056

      In reply to Chris_Kez:


      Oh and please re-think going to CES next year... less we end up with more gloom articles about Win10, and possible alternatives... take some time out instead. Your readers will still have both opinions and ...

  3. 9461

    Thinking back to my days attending my local computer user group, and what I enjoyed most, I'd like to see some demonstrations during the podcasts. Bring in Rafael to show in real-time how Xamarin can easily create UWP, Android, and iOS apps from the same code. Get Paul/Brad to show his workflow, rather than just talk about it. Bring in people who want to demonstrate and promote their software, and then give away a few copies to random users in the chat room. Once in a while get someone from Microsoft to demonstrate cutting edge features. These sorts of things brought in hundreds of users to user group meetings. Heck, I drove an hour every month to do that.

  4. 5541

    Cheer up in 2017. The whole "we don't really want to be doing this" angle is a little bit old at this point. I miss the real Paul Thurrott.  Thanks.

  5. 9201

    More women

    Well OK, but actually Microsoft future is in cloud services, especially Azure. And yet Paul seems board by
    any discussion of Cloud and Enterprise, as though it wasn't important. Duh !

    And coverage of Software development, Visual Studio with Xamarin, remains critical, even if Microsoft seem to presume every developer know pulls in their capability from third Party developers. Quality Software and Apps don't appear by magic, as some critical commentators and consumers would seem to believe.

  6. 180

    I second the request for more enterprise, or at least small business content. Brad, I saw on Twitter you were working on a Teams article, that sort of thing would be interesting to me: there seems to be a lot of movement with things like that, Planner (which I have to admit to knowing nothing about), going deeper on those sorts of products would be really useful, I think. Microsoft's products have such breadth, and part of what I'm looking for is a way to avoid the blind spots I have for many of their offerings.

  7. 4964

    More direct feedback from Microsoft if you can get access. e.g Instead of wondering why Outlook on Android can't edit a contact get a response from the product manager.

  8. 742

    It'd be cool if you could come to Australia in 2017 (specifically the Brisbane/Gold Coast area). Perhaps to Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017 on the Gold Coast ;)

    The travel would be horrible for you two from the East Coast of the US, but yeaa :P

  9. 996

    I'd love to see a Premium Content Podcast that say happens once a month where you and Paul have a special guest and interview them. Wether they're from Microsoft, or other Microsoft Watcher/Journalists, or tech industry friends you both have. I loved the quick podcast Paul did the other day with Richard, he's such a cool guy.

  10. 591

    Less Apple/Google.   It's like going to a blog site about sandwiches and having them go on and on about peanut butter & jam.  Yes Peanut butter is great and Jam is sweet. unless you have an allergy.  (I might be allergic to Apple... I'll look into that).  I like bacon on my sandwich and Microsoft on my tech.  See where I'm going here?  Happy New Year all :)

  11. 623

    Brad and Paul,

    An idea I had would be to further explore your choices for home automation - maybe devote a podcast to it.  I know that Brad has set up his Amazon echo to work with his lights in the studio.  I am curious if Brad did testing with different home automation kits / apps such as Wink and others and why he chose the products that he did and then how he integrated them with the Echo / planning use cases in the design of the automation architecture.  It could also be expanded to talk about what skills Brad would like to see in a Cortana Cube.

  12. 343

    For 2017 I'd like a better video player for First Ring Daily, one that allows it to be played at faster than 1x.  Or the ability to download the video so I can play it back at a faster rate. 

    I enjoy the FRD podcast and the daily focuses, one suggestion is to make it feel more "put together" and seem less like your "winging it".

  13. 7102

    Would be nice if you could cover some of the new generations of Cromebooks (those that you can add android apps to) how they are compared to some similar Windows 10 laptops. 

    Microsoft/Windows got many apps on the android platform now, so it could be interesting to see if it works fine or not fine on the new Cromebooks alternatives.

  14. 49

    I have read every post here, appreciate the feedback and know that we are listening. 

  15. 5664

    I'd love to see in depth reviews of major product releases and updates the way Paul used to in the heady days of Whistler/XP and Longhorn/Vista. Definitely premium, it could be really great to see the two of you tackle the Creators' Update, splitting it up based on your interests and experience.

  16. 1377

    A better commenting system. Boldface in addition to italics. Persistent per-account settings for preferred comment sort order (I always sort newest to oldest and don't give a rat's ass for votes). Notifications when others respond to my comments.

    In terms of content, maybe a best new UWP app article once a month. More software articles: most people aren't buying new computing devices every few months, but they may be in the market for new apps that or more frequently.

  17. 677

    I would like to see more indepth articles with video for those leaving WP and going to other platforms IOS or Andriod. Sort of help guides.

    I know they are probably available on other sites, but its because you come from that Microsoft focused world.

    Yes I am the guy whos been in the walled world of Microsoft so do need help.

    Something ive thought of for a while is like a guess on one of your shows, say once a month, of a regular reader. I think firstly a premium member. Some may look at that and complain. But sorry I think its fair.

    Im sure you both already have some great ideas.

  18. 5615

    In my opinion, the commenting system is still the weakest part of this site. It has definitely negatively impacted my visits and engagement. To echo others' comments:

    1. Notifications! That should have been one of the first features implemented.

    2. Persistent login and per-account settings. 

    3. Revisit the decision to split comments into multiple streams, or at least help us understand why you decided to do it the way you did. Maybe it is better this way, but it's not clear to me why and it seems to discourage engagement, at least for me.

    • 1377

      In reply to offTheRecord:

      Re #3, for me it'd be sufficient to have an option to show premium and steerage comments in the same view, at least for premium accounts. I can understand why nonpremium accounts don't get to see premium comments, but forcing premium accounts to use two separate comments views is inefficient verging on user-hostile.

      • 5615

        In reply to hrlngrv:

        Now that I think about it, "user-hostile" is an appropriate way to describe it. 

        "I can understand why nonpremium accounts don't get to see premium comments"

        I can see premium comments. I can even reply to premium comments, granted the way the reply shows up is very disjointed. Am I not supposed to be able to see premium comments?


        • 1377

          In reply to offTheRecord:

          I've never tried to use this site without my paid account, so I have no idea what the UX is for nonpaid accounts. If you can see premium comments and reply to them (presumably with the replies appearing in steerage comments), then separate premium and steerage comment views is a really questionable design.

          Better to have a single comment view with premium accounts having an option to hide nonpremium comments.

    • 1

      In reply to offTheRecord:

      1. Notifications! That should have been one of the first features implemented.

      It's actively in the works.

  19. 4183

    More discussion about Microsoft's absurd US-only focus for many of its products and features. Case in point is Cortana which is available on Windows and Windows Mobile in a few English-speaking countries around the world, but the Android app is inexplicably US-exclusive. A lot of this stuff makes no sense and in my view it's one of the principal reasons for Google and Apple eating Microsoft's lunch in many areas. They don't see non-US markets as pointless, they actually make some effort to bring most of their services worldwide.

  20. 5477

    Here are some things I would wish to see:

    More in depth articles on Windows 10 builds. 

    Reviews of PC towers and laptops

    Nostalgic articles about Microsoft and Windows

    Review of some games by Paul, since he's a gamer.

    Other product reviews.

    More personal stories, such as the one of Paul being stuck in Las Vegas. 

    More How to articles. 



  21. StevenLayton

    Visit a member.

    Chose a member (random/premium/competition) and visit them (US or abroad). Spend some time looking at their computing equipment, offering suggestions on how to get the most of what they're using (old and new kit). Then go out for a beer or two. Record the visit as a podcast

  22. wluck

    Love both of you and your work.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Less cutting remarks to each other

    A more structured podcast

    As a previous post said maybe more meat.

  23. SgtShultz

    Less doom and gloom from Paul would be nice.

  24. 2394

    Keep reviewing new hardware. I trust you guys, and have purchased along those recommendations.

    I also think your point of view is valid as people from an original Windows perspective talking about Google and Apple subjects, especially in instances where you've switched, like mobile. Very many of us in your readership are from that point of view as well, and hearing your experiences as you "go first" is extremely valuable. So I'd love to keep hearing about that. I also appreciate that you don't talk down to your readers when you do this.

    Finally, I gotta figure how to get First Ring Daily in my car during my commute, but that's on me.

  25. lwetzel

    More in depth coverage of things like;

    √ How one drive works and the best ways to utilize it from a personal point of view.

    √ OneNote again from a personal usage and not business point of view.

    √ App picks with reviews (few that they may be)

    Oh and less repeat in the podcasts of what you've written in articles and actually less podcasts would be fine but more meat.

  26. 289

    We got plenty of pen loop coverage in 2016.  How about in 2017 we get some reasonable coverage of actual pen usage? Paul has mentioned several times over the years that he used to draw a lot.  Put it to use and further differentiate the content here from most other sites.  Obviously it would add a lot to device reviews, but it would also let you expand your coverage to drawing apps.  Heck, Paul could make an entire series out of "picking up the pen" and his experience of re-learning to draw;  he'd have an entire year's worth of unique content.  I bet you could even auction some drawings for charity (or to help pay for your next crazy trip).  The key thing here is that it would be one more little area where you could leverage your natural talents to differentiate the site and bring more value to Premium members.

    Is doodling for an hour or two each week really tougher than practicing French for 30-40 minutes every day? 

  27. 289

    In reply to anjelikahassan:

    OMG the spam-bots have found me here too.

  28. goodbar

    I'd like to see a piece on what got you into journalism / blogging / podcasts, how you got to where you are, what was your 'big break', etc.

  29. 217

    More development focused discussion

  30. murrwood

    Any chance you can Chromecast enable the podcasts? Would be nice to cast them to my TV. I realize I can do this from the Chrome Browser but it would be nice to not have to power on a PC. I see that you post them to Vimeo. Is there some sort of switch to enable Chromecast from Vimeo?

  31. 341

    I would really like to see the "What I Use" articles expanded for both of you. I really enjoy those the most as I can implement them myself. 

    What about TV Series, Movies, Books, etc. that you like? What twitter feeds do you like following? We want the inside scoop. I personally listen to your audio more than video (just don't have time to watch) but have plenty of time in the car/walking dog.

    Always interested in what you bring with you for backpacks, accessories, etc.

    Like Paul's idea of doing pictures (starting doing Google Photos myself and it's pretty good). What about if you have CDs (yes they still exist and sometimes you can buy the CD and get the MP3 version from Amazon for free for LESS than what the MP3 costs alone) and want to consolidate all your music? What do you use? Do you use any money management tools/services?


  32. 5447

    How about a page where I can see the latest posts site wide? Or is that somewhere I haven't found. Every time I come to Thurrott.com it's the same content (or so it seems)

  33. 1829

    You are both gamers. Play some games together with readers, broadcast it on Beam, make a page.


    You have a topic that you want to talk about for MS (Xbox) like 15 minutes with you and Paul to start out with and get people into the Beam channel. People can follow your channel, or they can subscribe and if they have premium, get it at a discount or free something. Followers (premium get priority, don't know why I'm saying this, I'm not premium but it makes business sense) can play the games with you (turn off notifications, people will message the crap out of you during stream) after you invite them and such. You can answer questions in the chat or if you are really daring, let them ask the question on stream.

    Imagine playing Sea of Thieves with Paul and some strangers...oh yessss. The shenanigans.

    Make it a monthly thing since it will probably last a while, and since you already have First Ring Daily...let's call this Last Ring Monthly.

    I see it as an opportunities to get closer to your followers. You're welcome.

    (Yes I know you know that Windows Central is already doing some Beam stuff, but they aren't Paul and people want to play games with Paul I'm sure...you (Brad)...I don't knowwwwww...lol jk)

  34. 5530

    A site logo that doesn't look like it was made in MS Word. Sorry, just want to be honest.

  35. 2450

    I'd like to be able to quickly view all unread posts (comments).

  36. 7631

    I would like to see in depth reviews of products that make our lives better, and of major releases.


    Also, revisiting topics to see how they developed over the last months. For example Edge: When it came out it was unusable. Now it is much better (but still has a long way to go). Apart from that I believe that having a daily podcast is just too much. Once a week is ok, and maybe you could have extra podcasts when something important happens.

    • 397

      In reply to petvas:

      ".......I believe that having a daily podcast is just too much. Once a week is ok, and maybe you could have extra podcasts when something important happens....."

      Agreed. Some days it is almost as though Paul & Brad are stuck for what to say next. Either that or record (M-Th) a longer show and edit it sharper.

    • 5615

      In reply to petvas:

      "having a daily podcast is just too much"

      Yeah, I kind of wondered when they announced the changes to the site last year whether or not they'd end up spreading themselves too thin and content might suffer. Plus, I really don't have the time every day to watch an extra video podcast, no matter how interesting it might be.

      P.S. I had to re-login, again, to post this.

  37. 462

    Thurrott the musical.  With singing and dancing.

    Otherwise...i think with the "New Microsoft" the interaction between Microsoft the software company and other platforms besides Windows; becomes increasingly important and interesting.  I've always come to Thurrott and Paul's previous site before for the Windows news; which I still think is very important; but it's less so these days...and how MS software and services work on other platforms is something that seems like it should be a growing area of interest for the site.

  38. 661

    Perhaps this is more enterprise related but a topic I would like to see you poke at in 2017 is the implications of Windows on Arm. Microsoft and Intel have been carrying the "Trusted Computing" banner for years with Intel implementing the hardware features that support the TCG layers and Microsoft building the O/S layer. Much of the hardware foundation is missing from the ARM processors

    * Will measured launch and a TPM be part of ARM solutions?

    * What are the implications for Hyper-V and App-V technologies? I do not think that virtualization is natively supported by ARM.


  39. 289

    I'd like to see more about the Windows developer community; not necessarily super-technical stuff, but how about periodically connecting with a developer or a shop to see what kind of cool stuff they're working on?  I loved the recent Windows Weekly from Amsterdam (#492) where Paul and MJ met with the folks from Wortell and showed off their work with Hololens.  How about finding someone who's doing cool work to integrate Cortana, or someone who is doing innovative work to support Surface and other pen-enabled PCs (e.g. talk to the creator of the Leonardo drawing app; or build off reports like the one MS made earlier in the year about Siemens certifying Surface Pro/Brook for use with their Solid Edge CAD software).  Talking with developers would give us a better sense of where things are going and what is possible or impossible (and why).  

    Surely you have a contact at MS who covers developer relations that could connect you with some folks.  Or maybe talk to the Brothers Lowdermilk, whose Windows Developer Show is greatly missed.  Either write this stuff up yourself or find a guest writer to provide occasional posts; or do a monthly podcast and invite in a developer to talk about their work for an hour or so.


  40. 289

    I'm still ambivalent about the daily podcast.  While I enjoy my daily fix of Brad & Paul, I think I might prefer that you guys use that time to work on something more in-depth.  

  41. 5809

    Support for Windows Live tiles when your site is pinned to the Windows Start menu. I've always thought it odd that the premier Windows site never supported this Windows feature. If the New York Times can do it, I suspect you could too. :)

  42. 6852

    A daily podcast seems like way too much. Maybe M-W-F? Of course as a non-subscriber I'm not listening anyway, so feel free to discount this.

    Long, Ars-like reviews of things like the Creator's Update.

    More developer issue coverage. How are Visual Studio and MS's other tools progressing? How well do their multi-platform tools like Xamarin actually work? Which apps and studios are using these tools or new developer features - what does it mean for the ecosystem? Etc. I thought we would get more of this when Rafael joined but it seems we almost never hear from him. Paul also references working on development stuff himself occasionally, but we never hear much about that either. 

    Agreed with other comments about interviews with notable guests / MS employees. Those are the things that might get me to subscribe.

    Have a heart-to-heart with Leo about paying attention during Windows Weekly, actually knowing what he's talking about, and shutting up when he doesn't. Or get Paul/Mary Jo to more aggressively talk/explain over Leo. I've sort of stopped listening to WW even though there are a lot of interesting developments going on in MS world. (Related, I also feel like Paul sometimes talks over Mary Jo, who doesn't speak up as much but is often clearly the most knowledgeable on enterprise/dev topics. Paul at least generally knows what he's talking about, but more "mic time" for Mary Jo would be good.)

    One thing I really like - you've been an advocate for products like the Spectre X360 even when people had written off a company like HP, which is a very appreciated and useful service. I know Paul isn't beholden to any view on a given company or product and will bring good things to my attention even if they have the "wrong" brand. Also, the Thurrott perspective always seems to be "where do these things fall short in real world terms" rather than just comparing specs which I find very useful, so more hardware product coverage is always appreciated.

  43. 1542

    More Windows Media Center coverage! :-D

  44. JimP

    More Windows Phone coverage.

  45. 5714

    Fewer Apple Click-Bait articles...

    I love to get Apple/iPhone/Mac information... It's just that you don't know jack about it.  Stick to MS news.