Microsoft VR


I recently watched a video by a gamer/youtuber talking about Microsoft’s VR ambitions.  He essentially trashed it as a gimmick, because it would fall short in the specs with Occulus Rift and be head to head with Sony VR.  This is where Microsoft falls short in their marketing.  Currently the perception is that VR is for gaming.  I think where Microsoft falls short.  They showed in their announcement I guy in a virtual room with crap things on a shelf and yada yada yada.  What was skipped over was the real marketing angle.  The virtual “man cave” where huge TV’s can be had with minimal cost.  Where the FOV issues of HoloLens become a thing of the past.  Take that HoloLens NFL ad they put out last year.  If I as a sports fan could have that then hello virtual man cave.  Do you think this is where Microsoft should head, the entertainment market or do you think in order for VR to succeed it must go through gaming to gain popularity?

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