First ring daily stream in pocket cast not updating


The first ring daily stream in pocket casts isn’t working for me. Other podcasts are fine. Resubscribe didn’t work. Anyone else has this problem?

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  1. anderb

    Yes. Last one available for me is 9th of June.

  2. mauerque

    Same for me. Last one I got was June 8th.

  3. davmorgan

    I'm having the same issue with no audio podcast showing up in Pocket Casts. Last one I got in my feed was 8-JUN-2021.

  4. mattbg

    Same here. June 8th is the last.

    • txag

      Emailing help works for one person. If you know you’re having an outage, announcing it lets everybody know what is happening.

  5. Brad Sams

    We are aware of the issue, working with Pocketcasts to get this resolved - it does show up in Google/Apple/Spotify podcasts players as a work-around until we find the gremlin causing the problem.

  6. Breaker119

    Well, at least I'll have a backlog for my morning walks. Looking forward to it!

  7. matthewitt

    Overcast app missed 1062 but picked back up with 1063. No 1064 yet.

  8. simont

    1064 showed up in my list of episodes in Overcast this afternoon (16/06). 1061 and 1063 are also available but 1062 still doesn't show up.

  9. rambone05

    Looks like they are back in Pocket casts except for 1062