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    Hi Brad. Since the last patch Tuesday ( or whatever we are calling it now ) I am having an issue with Windows Defender notifications on both my newish laptop and old desktop. Both are running W10. Every single day now on both machines I receive a notification telling me I need to run Defender. I can ignore it and have the message sit there or run the scan only for it to return the next day. I know, not a life and death issue but to be frank it is pissing me off! Cheers :)

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      In reply to anchovylover:

      When you do the scan, do you only run the quick scan or the full scan with Defender?

      Have you also tried scanning the computer with an alternative AV/Malware scanner like for instance Malwarebytes, just to make sure there is not actually a "virus" in the system that triggers Defender, but something Defender then can't find and resolve.

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        In reply to JudaZuk:

        Thanks for the reply JudaZuk. I have scanned both short and full. I also run Malwarebytes free which I use every four or five days and CCleaner Pro which I have set to run every time I close a browser. I also have flash and autoplay turned off by default and run an adblocker on most sites.I am very confident my two devices are clean :)

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          In reply to anchovylover:

          strange behaviour indeed, what is the exact error/message you receive?   

          Only advice I can think of right now is 

          1. Open an elevated command prompt or an elevated Windows PowerShell.

          2. Then in the elevated command prompt, type:  sfc /scannow  and hit  <Enter> 


          or possibly try and also temporarily turn off CCleaner Pro, overall a good program, but it sometimes have a tendency to clean out a bit to much and causing issues with some programs.  So  it could be that it actually removes some entry that causes Defender to fail the next boot.  I admit the chances that this is the case for you is very slim, but worth a try at least for 1 or two reboots just to check if it makes any difference

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            In reply to JudaZuk:

            Thanks JudaZuk, the lads addressed this question in the podcast with the help of Rafael. It seems CCleaner was the issue as it was wiping out Defender information each time I closed my browser. It made Defender think that a scan had never been run hence the notification. Unticked Defender in CCleaner Applications and problem solved. Thanks again for the help and if you're in U.S have a happy Thanks Giving.

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              In reply to anchovylover:

              Great to hear that you got it resolved :)   I haven't had time to watch the podcasts much the past weeks, to much to do lately, but nice they talked about the issue there as it will surely help others as well with the same issue.

              If you are in the US, I also wish you a happy thanksgiving :)   


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    I lost my game save for Minecraft pocket edition due to a botched backup. I've been asking Microsoft everywhere they're available to help me to figure out a way to recover my file but have received ZERO replies, other than to contact the insider program, which I did and also NOTHING and it's been almost 2 months! My fav tech company has the worst customer service. Help!

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    Hello - I am new to this membership. I am not too computer smart. I thought I would ask this group as I read what you say and know you are all computer smart. I have read many articles on internet and still don't know what to do. My son-in-law set up 2 accounts for mail, one on Outlook.com and one Gmail. I bounce back and forth but do not want to learn something that may go away or change too much. I like the Outlook.com but it does many strange things like duplicate or delete contacts, and GMAIL I told no good because they look at you messages. I ask you for your opinion for what I should do to learn one over th other.

    Thank you for you help.


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      In reply to Porfirio: - Well any online based mail system can change at any time, that is just how it is :/
      I would suggest you  spend one week using Gmail, and see how you like that system, and then one week on Outlook.com  and see how you like that.
      Then it is all up to personal preference what system you choose to stick with.  


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    Brad, Paul, Rafael or somebody, anybody...please tell me there is a way to disable Skype from the "new" Outlook Mail (web version) as it comes by default.  Why am I forced to endure this hot mess called Skype every time I log into to Outlook Mail by default?  If I wanted a Skype account I would have signed up for one, but I DON'T WANT SKYPE!  I've never had a Skype account, didn't migrate over to Skype after they killed WLM.  This is so frustrating!!!  Do users no longer have any choice over what apps and services they wish to utilize on their own devices?

    Why isn't there an option to "opt in" to which apps and services I wish to utilize on my own devices with my MSA?  Currently there isn't even an option to "opt out" at the moment.   Is it that hard???  Btw, I wouldn't have anything to opt out of if Microsoft hadn't automatically signed me into it in the first place!

    I'm not stupid.  I realize that this is a great way to increase Skype's usage numbers by automatically signing users into an Skype account every time they sign in to their web email, but why "violate" users in this underhanded manner. This is worse than the W10 campaign! 

    I recently read an older article by Rafael that described a way to do this in W8, 8.1, please tell me there is some way to do this in W10?

    I read the original Verge article from Nov. 8th, just recently published by Windows Central, and this is just one of the reasons I don't want a Skype account.  Not to mention the aggravation I've been through since after discovering I now have a Skype account through the default with Outlook Mail.  Silly me thought the Skype icon in the header was just there if I ever wished to add that service, lol.  Boy did I find out differently.  After much research on this subject, I clicked on the Skype link in the Outlook Mail header to be shocked to see I was available and there were all my WLM contacts I hadn't seen since 2013 in Skype with 1 unknown contact. After investigation I found on a Skype Forum that this was a known porn spambot.  After removing this unknown contact, my spam in Outlook Mail decreased from approx. a little less than 200 per day, down to less than 20 per day.  No coincidence I'm sure, thanks a lot Microsoft.


    If there is any solution to the default automatic sign in to Skype in Outlook Mail, I would be eternally grateful!   If I can't find a solution I will just have to give up a hotmail account I've had for decades as it is also my MSA and possibly start over.  Do you know if the W10 Mail and Calendar app automatically signs you into Skype too? Thanks for hearing me out, and I apologize for the rant, but this is just so frustrating.

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      In reply to graple:

      Well there are three options


      Option 1: (found this at skype support)

      1) Go to Skype.com

      2) Login with your Skype ID and password.

      3) My account Page will open, there, click on Account settings.

      4) In this page, you will find your Skype Name & under it the Microsoft account.

      5) Click on Unlink in the Microsoft account and confirm it.

      Then you will get rid of Skype login every time you check your emails on Outlook.


      Option 2

      At Outlook.com, click on your account picture on top right corner

      You will have the option to change your status to "invisible" there and won't be shown online to your Skype contacts.


      Option 3:

      At Outlook.com, click on your account picture on top right corner

      Choose View profile

      On the next page you should see your connected accounts, also the Skype account.

      You can "uncheck"  can find me  here,  but also click on 'skype profile' if you have that option (top part of that page)  enter your skype name, you should get a page saying you are already signed in then choose "Sign out and sign in with a different account."


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        In reply to JudaZuk:  JudaZuk, thank you for your responses.  I have tried them all and currently they are not working.  I have scoured Microsoft Community, feedback hub, twitter, and even the Skype Forums and no one has an answer that works continually. Every time you log on to Outlook Mail it will reopen the Skype Preview as well and change your status back to available. It drives me nuts, as I've never had a Skype account that I willfully signed up for of my own volition. 
        Currently, you can not "unlink" a Microsoft account from a Skype account, as this is the message you will receive "Due to ongoing changes, linking and unlinking of Skype and Microsoft accounts is currently unavailable."
        I keep up with this thread and have tried everything in its current 26 pages and nothing works, as the script keeps getting changed.  https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/can-skype-be-disconnected-from-outlookcom/86fad77b-b54c-48a1-8ef8-58042f3166a7?page=1    This is why this is so frustrating, lol.  But thanks for your response.
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          In reply to graple: Well setting your self as invisible should at least stop it from having contacts calling you while on Outlook.com, but sorry it did not work out with the other options. 


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    I have a GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB that really chugs when trying to play Forza Horizon. Should I buy a second, used card for SLI, or should I upgrade to something like the GTX 1050?

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      In reply to inlocoabsentia:

      I'll answer that: Get the 1050, 1060 if you can afford it. Pascal is such a huge jump over previous generations that you'll get more than double the performance even with that 1050, with none of the hassle of SLI.

      Just to emphasize this, here is a comparison between the 660 and 1060. They don't have the 650 Ti and 1050 listed, but you get the idea.

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    I have an interesting problem with insider fast ring and posting it on Feedback app is useless as most of the feedbacks are like white-noise about 3rd part apps.

    But my problem is with Security Suit from Bitdefender and i have tried it with Kaspersky/Malwearebytes too but let me explain what Im facing and hopefully I can give proper explanation.

    With Redstone 2 builds I have noticed that steaming/downloading stops and will not happen if I'm using 3rd party AVs and there is no proper explanation to it. Whether its YouTube, Twitch or even apps, I cannot dowload apps from store as they are always stuck at downloading. Youtube and twitch streams drop from HD to 240p and it will never go back as long as my AV is running. All theses work if i do not have any AV on my system expect the Windows Defender. I have tried reinstalling my AVs, reinstalling OS and going back Anniversary build but I have not been able solve it.

    Moreover, whenever there is an driver update for Nvidia i cannot download it as the downloaded file fails to run or download gets corrupted midway. If i try to download VLC player then Edge is blocks it by saying bad signature and im certain on that not being the case. 

    Hardware wise i have an ASUS Q550LF laptop with last gen Intel i7, 8GB ram and Nvidia 745M chipset.

    I understand its extremely weird bug and not everyone might be facing it but if anyone seeing this bug and was able to solve it then please chime in.



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      In reply to Kudupa:  Just some questions about the issue your experience to better help :
      1. Does this happen no matter what browser you are using?
      2. Does the download start and then stop, or does the download never start at all?
      3. If you have Bash installed in windows 10 , have you tried to start a download through cURL or wget ? 
      4. Have you tried to start a download from Powershell?


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    It's Thanksgiving. So that means unpaid computer maintenance work for the family, right? Any advice on what to do quickly so you can get back to beer/turkey?

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    My idea made it :).

    Yes I do actually have a problem. I know I will need to change from my WP to, well it will be an Andriod. What should I get the Nexus 5x, 6P or the new Oneplus 3t.

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      In reply to Shane:

      I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for years, and now I upgraded about 8 months ago to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I loved both.  Never any problems, great battery life, and the best cameras.

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      In reply to Shane:

      I am very impressed with my LG V20 (removeable battery, USB C)

      In fact, I'll sell my 950 XL dual SIM and Display Dock for a decent price if anyone is interested

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    Two comments/questions re: backup discussed on Tues, Dec 6, 2016:

    (1) about 3 and 1 year ago, my son and I (in different cities at 2 locations each) compared Carbonite and CrashPlan for upload speeds with 50 GB of data. We found CrashPlan between 8 and 150 times as fast as Carbonite. Because of CrashPlan's significant speed advantage and very reasonably priced family plan (which does not charge extra for attached storage to a computer), we have stayed with them. Have you found more systematic testing to help others decide?

    (2) I would like your opinion of CrashPlan's option to backup files at a remote location of my business, family member, etc. which works the same way as their backup to CrashPlan Central? That seems to me the perfect digital version of the sneaker-net you mentioned: instead of carrying physical media to Uncle Bill's, I can place a hard drive at Uncle Bill's and then use it as an additional back up with no sneakers involved!

    I think your audience may well want your advice on these matters (at least the audience that doesn't have unlimited free backups via their work).