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  1. Martin Pelletier

    Updated to Fall Creator Update and can't seem to find the Files On-Demand feature for OneDrive. Did that feature not supposed to go with the falls update?

  2. Peter klobčič

    any news on woa and allways connected pcs?

  3. Simard57

    for OneDrive Files on Demand, must I do something to be able to browse the OneDrive filestore? It is only partially there after installing to Fall Creator's update and the OneDrive program. File Explorer shows the same files/folders as before but there are the FOD iconology on them. Should I expect to see -all- files/folders or do I have to wait or force a resync?

    • AnOldAmigaUser

      In reply to Simard57:

      On the Settings tab of the Settings dialog for OneDrive, there should be a new section for files on demand. Check that. Then, on the Account tab, click on Choose Folders, and select them all or just a few additional folders, whatever works for you.

      If you do not find the new section on the settings tab, see Dan1986ist's reply below. There is a link there to get the latest sync client.

      • Simard57

        In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

        Thank you - the Choose Folders step is what I missed.

        now if I can get it working on the NuVision tablet I have I would be happier. I updated onedrive and it is not showing up in the tray - yet. I suspect it is due to having to free up space on the storage - erasing the old version of Windows will go a long way to fixing that

        • Simard57

          In reply to Simard57:

          got the NuVision working. had to much with the taskbar to get the ^ to show so I could navigate tot he OneDrive settings. is there another path to settings - seems there is always multiple ways in Windows - is taskbar the only way for OneDrive?

  4. Eric Flickner

    Regarding home automation on Android, is there an equivalent to Apple Home app on iOS? I'd like to have a visual representation of devices in my home and control it via some touch UI instead of having to speak all of the commands. Having to go into each manufacturer app and control it is a pain compared to all-in-one location like in Apple Home.

  5. Lewk

    I use the Microsoft Authenticator app as 2FA for a few different accounts. But I want to reset my phone. Does the app sync the accounts? Or will I have to go to each account, Google, Facebook etc.. to manually turn off 2FA, reset my phone, re-install the Microsoft Authenticator and then re-enable and re-add the accounts back to the app?

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to Lewk:

      AFAIK, resetting the phone will clear out the accounts in the Authenticator app. That's the way it works for the Google Authenticator, and it seems like good security. I don't think you'll need to manually disable/re-enable 2FA for each account, but I expect you'll need to generate new QR codes and add the accounts back to the app. If you want to make this process easier in the future (say you regularly test new devices or have to frequently reset your phone for whatever reason), you can print (or screenshot) the QR codes and secure them for later reuse.

  6. thea2_

    Is there a fix in edge when watching podcasts; where the page will blink back to the top, turning off the cast. Where you need to start the cast all over again. Or a setting to stop edge from bouncing back to the top of the web page.

  7. gregsedwards

    Maybe too late for today, but what about WDDM 2.2 video drivers for Surface Pro 4? They're needed for Windows Mixed Reality, but the officially supported drivers are WDDM 2.1. I know it won't be a knock-your-socks-off experience without a dedicated GPU, but surely Microsoft aren't going to exclude their own flagship "tablet that can replace your laptop" from WMR.

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