We Help Wednesday 1/18


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    What are your travel mouse recommendations, if any?

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    Why do you knock Google+ all the time. I have to say the engagement is awesome and the communities are real good. I have been hoping that your guys would cross post your content there. It is getting way better lately and i am truely loving it more than facebook.

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    Should I hold out for Gentoo on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

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    I know you wrote a piece on deleting your yahoo account. On a recent episode of Security Now Leo and Steve recommended resetting the password and not deleting it for security purposes. I know Paul thinks Steve is sometimes a bit too much with security. Steve said someone could get the username after it has been recycled by yahoo and impersonate you for phishing scams to old contacts. As long as your not using it for email recovery, banking, etc what would be the reason to keep it besides protecting old contacts? Love the site and the First Ring Daily!

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      In reply to helix2301:

      I'm in the process of moving away from Yahoo right now-- I'll skip the long story about why that hadn't happened sooner-- but I've decided I'll still keep it on life support for a while, periodically updating the password and protected with 2FA.  I'll alert and remove my contacts and forward the mail somewhere else.  To the extent possible I'll update all of the services, sites, forums, etc. where I had created an account with that Yahoo address, giving them my new email address.  I've started that updating process but I can tell you that after a few weeks I've still only hit a small portion of them. There are literally hundreds of them.  I spent a little time one Sunday updating the key accounts, then moved on to the places I visit daily.  Eventually I'll clean up the monthly and annual ones, then move on to the places I visited once or where I had some kind of trial membership. A password manager helps but I imagine there will still be dozens of places that I won't remember.  Some or all of those could be compromised, and who knows whether it could lead to something else that leads to something else.  The risk is obviously tiny at that point, but so is the cost- a few minutes a few times a year to log into Yahoo and make sure everything is copacetic.

      Maybe some small piece of me also just wants to hold on for nostalgia's sake, and in a few years when Yahoo finally implodes and pulls the plug I won't have to worry about it anymore.  

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    What do you think is the best backup solution for Windows 10?