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Is there any simple way to delete all of the photos associated with a Google Photos Account? I don’t want to delete my Google Account, and I don’t want to go through and click each one individually and delete it either.

I just want to scorch the earth so I can start the process over again. I started using it when it first launched and it became kind of a mess. Looking into making it my photo management solution, but I want a clean slate to work with.

Some people have said that you can use shift to select multiple photos, but I haven’t found a way to actually make it so I can click the first photo, hold shift, and click the last photo and have it select them all.

Kind of makes me miss the manual days of local photo management. If they were files on my PC I’d just hit CTRL A and the Del key and be done in three seconds.

Thanks for all you do guys! Keep up the good work.

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    Is this where we're asking the we help questions? If so:

    How do I enable my Outlook Calendar to appear on the Microsoft Next Lockscreen for android? There's a Calendar Meetings setting within the app, but it only shows options for a Google account. I have the Outlook App installed on my phone and have it set to the default Calendar App for the System/OS. But it's not showing up in the Next Lockscreen settings. I feel like I must be missing a step here. Where have I gone wrong and do I have to enable a setting somewhere to have Outlook show up in the app?

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      In reply to Lewk:

      I'm using Outlook.com calendar with the Outlook app (with Outlook.com Calendar set as default).

      On the Lockscreen swipe up to see the Next Lockscreen settings cog icon on rh/s

      > In Notifications under that go to 

      > Meetings > Turn meeting card on

      > Manage Calendars > My Calendar > Default

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    W10 is now on over 400 million computers all with Edge set as the default browser. In addition, MS makes it difficult to change the default browser. Given this, how is it possible for Edge to have such woeful user numbers and does this effect the Windows Store interactions?

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    My new Ideapad Flex 4 will sometimes not wake up with working WiFi. Come back from not using it, open the lid... No Networks Available. Restarting fixes it.

    I don't get it.

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Try and change the properties for the Wireless network card , and uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"  that usually helps 
      - So, Right click on Start -> Device Manager
      - Open the group Network adapters
      - Right click on your Wireless network card, and choose properties in the menu that popup
      - In the Properties window look for the tab Power Management  (not all card have this tab, but most do) 
      - Uncheck  'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' Click Ok 
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    I have a random networking issue on my Surface Pro 4, where periodically opening a browser (I typically use Edge, but I've confirmed the issue with IE and Chrome, too) returns "Page can't be displayed" message. I still receive some network notifications, I can use Skype, and I can browse some local network resources, but I just can't browse the web. I have tried rebooting to correct the issue, but found that the Surface would usually hand on the Restarting screen until I just killed it manually. After coming back up, the Surface is fine for the remainder of the day. But then it happens again...and again. Finally yesterday, I decided to just let the browser sit for a while, and after about 10 minutes, the problem resolved itself and I was able to browse without rebooting.

    My suspicion is that I have a rogue process running in the background and not responding to shut down requests. What's the best way to check and troubleshoot this to identify what's happening? Thanks!

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      In reply to gregsedwards:

      I heard this one on the podcast.  I have a Surface Pro 3 with the *exact* same issue.  Drives me nuts.  You can drop to command prompt and ping things, etc.  However trying to use any web browser just fails.  I've checked things like system proxy settings - nothing wrong there (no proxy configured).

      If I leave it for about 10-15 minutes it magically comes good.  Trying to shut down does the same as you - it'll hang for ages and, if I'm super patient, maybe reboot cleanly.  Otherwise I'm holding down the power button.

      Often I run into the problem when I actually need to use the Surface so I don't dig in too deeply.  Next time I'll check event viewer and see if something has crashed.  It's weird that it mainly seems to be HTTP/HTTPS affected.  Other apps like XBOX also don't work - presumably because they use HTTP/HTTPS to communicate with the backend servers too.

      There's no weird 3rd party AV installed.  I'm hoping someone else also has this issue and can maybe chime in.  I never used to have this issue but have had it occur regularly over the past few months.

      It's a nebulous enough issue that it's hard to Google for, but I bet we're not the only two people with the problem.  It makes the whole "take the Surface with you and have it ready to jot notes, check the web, etc" not really work :(

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    Strategies to protect your self from ransom ware? I automatically back up everything to onedrive but recently found out that ransom ware could potentially encrypt my onedrive folder also. Does the personal version of onedrive have anyway to recover from this if it happens?

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    Is there a way to forward SMS messages and missed to a PC on an Iphone and a Windows phone?  Something similar to what Skype preview on Windows 10 offers, but on a Windows 7 PC, preferably on a browser instead of a Win32 app.

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    A couple days ago, I accidentally deleted a whole folder of pictures instead of sharing them on the OneDrive online interface. Realizing my mistake, I quickly went to deleted files and restored that folder. No problem. Except, that immediately cause the OneDrive clients on 2 of my 4 machines to crash, and not be able to run without crashing for more than a few seconds. When looking for fixes, there are none. There was one where changing the display scaling to 125% worked, but it was temporary (which, by the way, what the hell!). And there are conveniently no OneDrive troubleshooting utilities for Windows 10.

    Both desktop computers with crashing OneDrive were online at the time I deleted and restored the folder, and both only sync a selection of my content. I did have another desktop computer online at the time, but it syncs my entire OneDrive and has not had problems. My Surface Pro 2, which was not connected at the time, only syncs a selection of my OneDrive and its OneDrive client not crashing at all.

    Any ideas?

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      In reply to the_writing_critic:

      A while back, I had a problem where OneDrive on my phone was not showing any old folders from my OneDrive - Personal account, although new folders I created would appear and everything on my OneDrive - Business account was fine, too. I also discovered that renaming an old folder on another device would allow its contents to be displayed. Being rather annoyed with the prospect of renaming hundreds of nested folders to restore them on my phone, I reached out to OneDrive support, who reminded me that I should first try removing the affected Microsoft account from the OneDrive app and then re-adding it. That fixed the problem instantly.

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    Is it just me, or has the Surface Book still reliability issues with the dock? The attached monitors (Nec/LG via DP) almost never turn off again after standby (in approx. 8 out of 10 tries). I have to undock and dock it, to make them work again. That's highly annoying and makes it a pain to use as daily driver.

    I cannot believe, that there is still no solution for that issue?

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      In reply to Mate:

      "The attached monitors almost never turn off again after standby..."

      Do you mean on?

      I use a Dell laptop with a dock, connected to two external monitors (one via DVI, one via DP).  Whenever I boot up or resume from sleep I have to immediately power cycle the DP monitor or else it will not turn on.  It's a small annoyance but it works 90% of the time.  


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        In reply to Chris_Kez:

        Yes, of course, I meant "on", sorry. In my case, it's much less predictable - I haven't found the right procedure, that works most of the time. Sometimes, only one screen turns on, sometimes power cycling it works, but not always. The most reliable way is to unplug and plug back in the dock. But this also does not work always. And then there is a good chance, that the Ethernet port of the dock will fail to come up - I have to disable and enable it in the device manager. And sometimes only a reboot solve the issue.

        From time to time, I even have to remove the power plug of the dock to make it work again!

        I first thought, that these issues will be addressed quickly, but it is now more than six months, that I live with it without a fix. Since I am not reading much about issues with that, I started thinking, that it is something related to my device/setup/installation.

        So, I am not considering this as a small annoyance, but a major issue. 

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    thoughts on Nadella's Starbucks habit.

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    How do you think Windows on ARM will effect HoloLens? Could you see them moving to product to ARM and enabling LOB apps on it to further lower the cost of deployment for businesses?

    And if Paul could answer this without mentioning the field of view issues he will be my hero.


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