Cloudflare issues?


I thought it was only my VPN use, but even disconnected, I get Cloudflare checking that I’m not DOS attacking the site. This is for both the rss feed (which should have some greater flexibility) as well as the website

Did something get turned on that causes this to be checking so much more now and not returning rss feeds?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Two bits of good news: It's not you and it's not a DDoS attack. We're gearing up for a big site revamp, so this may appear from time to time in the short term.

  2. aberlake

    I’m using Playapod and also tried RSS radio on iPhone. Last First Ring I got was 1239 - I just thought you were taking an extended break!! All I get is either 503 error or an error saying that a webpage has been found instead of an RSS feed ☹️

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