Questions for Tim?


Just a reminder that BWW Media Group’s Tim Speciale will be joining me for today’s First Ring Daily live show, which will be open for everyone. If you have questions for Tim—who is our director if technology and business operations, or as we call him, “chief nerd”—please add them here. Or join us for the live show and ask them in the live chat.

The show starts at 1 pm ET/10 am PT.

Thanks! –Paul

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  1. RamblingGeek

    Why did you go with WordPress rather than building from the ground up? Has it been harder to implement the things like Thurrortt now and comments than expected?

  2. Shane

    Are you considering a mobile app. Obviously across all platforms.

  3. JudaZuk

    When are you going to fix the comment system & remove the 'Join Premium' menu choice for for premium members that are logged in?