Replacing PDF form with Power Apps or Flow


My company has an old PDF form that was originally created in the now-defuct Adobe LiveCycle. It’s an incident report form employees were able to fill out, embed photos into, and then send the report data off to the main office. It was not mobile friendly.

So now it’s my job to replace it with something better. I have Office 365 E5 and a robust Azure subscription at my disposal.

Is this something I could do with Power Apps or Flow?

Any other ideas that’ll make me look like a hero?

Edit: I’ll stipulate that this solution needs to be something a remote employee can quickly access and complete from an O365 authenticated mobile device.

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  1. Usman

    Power Apps is your UI and flow will be your "backend". You make your design and application navigation in power apps and the events (like uploaded files, clicking submit) are handled by flow.

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