How are you accessing Xcloud? Here are some of my experiences.


Just wondering how some people are accessing xcloud. I do not have an android phone or chromebook. I ended up trying some of the windows emulators like bluestacks and nox to various results. I was not too thrilled. I tried virtual box with x86 android and that was horrible. I tried x86 on a usb drive and that actually worked okay, some issues with the xbox controller plugged in so I might partition that on one of my computers and try again.

I have been thinking about getting a raspberry pi and throwing on an os to run the android app. I have also been looking to maybe side load on an Amazon Fire Stick or new Chromecast with Google TV. Especially around black friday when there are some deals. ETA Prime on youtube have various results on those two platforms.

Just looking for other ideas. Its actually been kind of fun tinkering with some of these operating systems and emulators trying to get this app to work while I wait for the PWA to come out.

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