Making the best of time: C, C++, and gaming libraries


Hi all. I assume everyone here is taking advantage of the stay-at-home edicts and maybe doing some programming that they otherwise wouldn’t be? Or maybe some of you at least?

For whatever reason I realized that I can’t say yet that I’ve ever completed a game in either C or C++, even though I have exposure to those languages. But I downloaded three different SDKs — SDL, Allegro, and SFML, and got to know the basics of all three. Cool stuff! Now it’s just a matter of deciding what to make, and which framework to use.

Anybody here have any experience with these libraries?

How about coding in C or C++ … you guys like Visual Studio the best, or do you prefer alternatives like Code::Blocks?

I think Code::Blocks is extremely nice, however Microsoft’s offerings in this department as of late aren’t too shabby of course.

Back in the early DOS days, I heard that Microsoft’s big compilers for languages like C were a bit … cruddy compared to others like Borland’s.

(Yes, I know what you’re thinking. C? What is this, 1992?)

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