Most Beautiful PlayStation Console

Yesterday, I picked up a fat glossy piano black PlayStation 3 CECHC01 with backwards PS2 compatibility, for only $40

It is in immaculate condition and functions almost perfectly.

It has 4 USB ports in front and a multimedia card reader in front. Something, you would not see in modern consoles.

The piano gloss finish and chrome accents really makes the console look expensive and elegant. I think glossy/skeumorphic was the big trend in 2006. Especially with Windows Vista, Dell XPS line, gaming desktops, and the iMacs and MacBooks

The fat PlayStation 3 was truly the last beautiful Sony console.

After the original fat models, the PS3 went to a matte finish. The PS4 was a 2000 monolith in style.

The PlayStation 5 is a very good looking console. It in some ways emulates the PS3 design, with it’s size, glossy center and curves..

The fat PlayStation 3 I acquired likely needs new thermal paste. The fans do kick in playing quite loudly .

The fat original PlayStation 3 was a beautiful console at the time. If you saw it through a glass cabinet at a store. You were probably itching towards buying one!


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