Ads for WhatsApp?


I was listening to Fox Business over the noon hour. Apparently Google is going to try to monetize WhatsApp with ads, but they haven’t figured out how to do it. Ideas being circulated are an annual subscription and/or “targeted ads” that will pop up in your message stream.


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  1. karlinhigh

    How could they have "targeted ads" without compromising WhatsApp's selling point of end-to-end encryption?

    And, didn't WhatsApp have a subscription somehow before Facebook bought it? Wikipedia says it was $1 per year with the first year being free.

  2. wright_is

    Don't you mean Facebook? WhatsApp is a Facebook property.

    • bob_shutts

      In reply to wright_is: You are correct. I was listening to one of those roundtables where everybody talks at once. FaceBook, Amazon, and Google were being thrown around the discussion all at the same time.