What to do about a Roku?


With the ongoing feud between Google and Roku, I now have a problem and hope there’s a fix.

I have a Roku TV and I am a subscriber to YouTube TV. The YouTube TV and YouTube apps no longer launch and crash back to the main screen with no errors. I thought maybe Roku pulled the plug on Google but my other Roku Ultra still launches YouTube TV just fine.

How can I resolve this without deleting and reinstalling the apps? I know that Roku has blocked the downloads for YouTube TV so if I delete it I will not be able to reinstall it. I don’t see a way to clear the app cache from the settings menu either.

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  1. harmjr

    You may need to reset your Roku or the apps. I use YouTube app to watch Windows Weekly each week and its working fine for me.

  2. whistlerpro

    Haven't they incorporated YouTube TV into the main YouTube app anyway? If so you may be able to delete and reinstall without too much worry. But check first!