Amazon partners with Tile to take on Apple AirTags


The creation of AirTag by Apple will cut into the ability of Tile to expand and strengthen it’s discovery network. Apple’s approach to this “problem” for Tile, is that Tile could simply add the Find My network to it’s device, but that may not be feasible for Tile when trying to create an Apple (e.g Android included) agnostic tracking device for users.

This is an Interesting move by Tile, but I’m not sure I like the Amazon Sidewalk evolution and the creep factor associated with it.

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7 responses to “Amazon partners with Tile to take on Apple AirTags”

  1. angusmatheson

    The fact that Amazon is already using its network of ring doorbells in association police department makes me a little worried about this connection. Now I’m not all paranoid about police, but it does suggest on Amazon to use their data in ways that might now be completely private.

  2. madthinus

    Partner or die. That best outcome for tile is a sale to Amazon.

    • M. S. Chan

      Just a thought... would Google be investigating at the potential of buying Tile?

  3. Jeffsters

    I used Tile but their network just isn’t big enough. Anyone that partners with or gets purchased by Amazon is dead to me. Not giving them any more data than I absolutely have to. It’s seems enough others don’t care.

  4. jimchamplin

    It’s fair, actually. Tile doesn’t have to replace their network, but tie into Apple’s as an additional data source when iOS users use their tags.

  5. jimchamplin


    All this business regarding platform vendors really does two things for me.

    1) Makes me worry that my entire technological world is about to be ruined by courts and politicians. People who are NOT qualified to make decisions about how I use technology. They’re going to want changes that fundamentally affect what I do and how I do it. If it’s something that requires say, Apple to open iOS/iPadOS to third-party app stores, then it WILL degrade the platform’s security, which of course is in the government’s interests so It will be unlikely that I can opt out of it. I won’t have a platform that’s safe by default anymore.

    I get that there are issues that need to be dealt with and I trust none of these jokers to know what the hell they’re doing to deliver the right answer.

    2) Makes me want to just throw all this crap out and go back to using Mac OS 9.2.2 and Windows 98 to avoid the pervasive internet connection. If using modern technology means I have to use systems that are designed by committee - worse! Designed by a committee of ignoramuses - It makes me feel like not using it.

    • curtisspendlove

      I agree. If the politicians have any kind of detailed say in how this all plays out; I’m highly skeptical that it will be beneficial to anyone involved, including consumers.