Favorite Windows XP Computers


What was your favorite/most memorable Windows XP computer, you used back then (2000s)?


It was a Compaq Evo N620c! It had a Pentium M 1.4Ghz, 512 mb of RAM, and Radeon 7500 graphics. It could actually play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, nicely!

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  1. hrlngrv

    For me, anything with a joystick mouse and at least 6 cursor/navigation keys in the bottom-right of the keyboard were all I cared about. I've had nothing but ThinkPads and Dell Latitudes at work. The only personal laptop I have is a Chromebook.

    FWIW, I have a VM running XP. On current hardware it's arguably better than anything I ran it on back in the day.

  2. wright_is

    I had a custom Athlon 64 desktop, which I bought in 2003. It had an Icydock system for removable SATA drives. I had one with Linux and one with XP for playing Anarchy Online. It spent most of its time in Linux for work and fun, then I switched to the Anarchy Online drive for gaming.

    I never really liked XP. I switched from Windows 2000 to Linux in 2002 and used it as my main desktop operating system through until 2007, when I bought an iMac 24" and then a Windows Vista Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P. By the time Vista came out, Microsoft had learnt a lot from what *NIX had been doing for the last 2 decades and Vista made Windows a half-way usable OS again, 7 added polish to it. Around 2008 I started working for companies again that used Windows as their main desktop, so my main PC was, again, Windows based.

  3. jimchamplin

    Dell Latitude D600. Had one that I used until 2010 or so. Wish I'd kept it since I honestly don't have any clue where it is right now.

    Update: Less absurdly huge image.

  4. allen_maloy

    I tried switching my company over to those Evo n620's from Dell. I loved Compaq and HP's up to a certain point where they never shipped fast enough.

  5. christianwilson

    I received a Dell Dimension tower as a gift from my parents when I graduated from college in 2003. Unfortunately, I do not remember the model number. It was higher spec'd machine for its time, and I initially used it for gaming. Over the course of several years, it transitioned into a dual boot Linux machine, a Windows Vista PC, and a Windows Home Server before I sunset it somewhere around the end of the decade.

    It was a faithful companion for a long time, and I never had a single problem with it.

  6. arnstarr

    Probably a first generation white Intel MacBook! ;)

  7. matsan

    My OQO e2. Amazing piece of hardware and I would compare it to the Newton MessagePad 2100 (sporting two PCMCIA cards for connectivity) that I used before that.

  8. ruivo

    I have a list somewhere with all the PCs I had, and my first (proper) XP one was, I believe, a Compaq Presario V2424NR with a Turion x64, one of the very first x64 units I ever saw in my home market:

    I have this particular stock wallpaper saved somewhere in my image folder to this day, it was an excellent machine. Got it new in 2006, and it served me well it all the way to Windows 10 in 2015 (by then as a secondary). I remember that eventually the x64 version of Windows stopped working on it, not sure if it was 8.1 or 10, and it ended as a school computer for my cousin, back when kids didn't get issued a smartphone at the maternity ward...

  9. damiendada

    I had an Intel MacBook which I loved!

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