Finding a full size Bluetooth Mouse


So I have scoured the internet world looking for the Holy Grail looking for a Bluetooth mouse.  One that is full size not a mini mouse made the hands of a pre-teen but a manly mouse. Everything I find requires a USB dongle.

I love Logitech mouses and keyboards but they do not have them in Bluetooth all of them use that Logitech USB unifying receiver.  With the limitation of Surface devices only having 1 USB port (SERIOUSLY MS!) that is troubling when you need to attach your storage device or a mouse. 

I really want a mouse like the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 that is sculpted for the hand.  

Any suggestions?

Have you seen big foot out their on the inter-webs?




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  1. 8834

    I've been in this market recently too.  How about the Logitech MX Master?


    • harmjr

      In reply to warren:

      So I bought this had it for a month now. It works great with my Surface Pro4. However I think its a bit too big from my M510. Its just some getting use to.

  2. 4326

    Yeah, if you like Logitech and want/need Bluetooth, there's the MX Master.  It can actually use either Bluetooth or the Logitech's dongle.  But beyond that, you can pair it with 3 devices at the same time, and there's a button underneath so you can quickly switch between those 3 devices.  I have it paired to my main system using the dongle, and then to a mac mini and a SP4 using Bluetooth.


    Even though you didn't ask about keyboards, I also have small K380 that does 3 devices using a dongle or Bluetooth.  And I just checked Logitech's website and they've got a new keyboard, K375s, that is full size with normal arrow keys and a keypad, that works the same way.

  3. 4763

    I've been using the MX Master for a couple a months now and it's amazing. Unfortunately I've had really bad experience with bluetooth mice under windows 10 with choppy movement and lag, that's why I got the MX Master to replace my Microsoft sculpt comfort, thinking it was the mouse that was faulty. The new mouse didn't solve my Bluetooth issues but it works great with the Logitech dongle.