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What experience have others had with HP support?

Reason I ask is I purchased a Spectre 360 in August due to many positive reviews. I was looking forward to a nice laptop with exceptional battery life. I haven’t been getting good battery life (only about 3 hours) so I contacted HP. The updated the BIOS and a driver and checked back in a couple of days – no improvement. Now I have to ship it to their repair facility (on their dime at least) and will be without a laptop until it returns in up to 5-7 business days (so 2 weeks with shipping).

when I had issues with my Surface, Microsoft just swapped it and I wasn’t out of having a computer.

what are other’s experience with getting HP repairs – do they get the job done or will I have a lifetime of issues?

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  1. xperiencewindows

    In my experience, HP has done a generally good job when it came to support. I'm curious to see what the battery health was at. Have you tried running any tests that rate the battery performance?

  2. ChristopherCollins

    I have had horrid HP support issues. Long wait times, lack of notes on account, repeat troubleshooting, multiple hour calls and remote control sessions. IF you live by a Microsoft store and you can buy from them, they will help with issues. If you are like me and will be relying on HP, I strongly suggest you do otherwise. Their quality control is crap. I went to through multiple Spectre x360's before I got one that worked properly. It developed 'ghost touch' issues after two weeks. I will never take that chance again.

    Just my experience, but it seems rather common if you search around.

  3. Polycrastinator

    That sounds pretty standard to me. If you don't purchase a higher tier warranty, I see that even with things like Thinkpads where you have to send it in for depot service. My issues with HP support have always been needing to sit on the phone for 2 hours and bounce through 3 departments to get any help, but they seem to finally be doing better on that score at least in the last 6 months.

  4. wright_is

    The Spectre is a home product, HP business products can get on-site repair or swap-out. Surface is also aimed at professionals.

    Send in is pretty standard for consumer products, because they generally don't want to pay the extra for on-site support, because it isn't worth it to them.

  5. victorchinn

    Purchased a HP Spectre X360 Sky Lake about a year ago for my daughter in college. She cracked the screen and when she came home for holiday vacation we brought it to the Microsoft Store where we purchased it. They completely replaced the laptop with the latest model Spectre X360 Kaby Lake !! This was all covered under the warranty and protection policy coverage we had on the laptop. Easy replacement and really fast service.

    • Simard57

      In reply to victorchinn:

      I wish we had a real Microsoft store nearby - I would have purchased through them instead of the HP site.

      I somewhat customized it with a 512 GB drive instead of 256 GB one - and it took two weeks to arrive. Built and shipped from China.

  6. AnOldAmigaUser

    Bought a Spectre 360 for my daughter, and it had the same issue. Battery was not lasting at all. I checked the battery with powercfg at command prompt, and it seemed that two of the cells of the battery were not charging. It went back with two weeks left on the warranty. I was quoted the same 5-7 day response, but had it back in four, so I cannot complain. There have been no problems since. The computer is three years old now.

    Make a system image and a recovery disk before sending it. At a minimum, make sure all the user/public data is backed up or moved to the cloud, if you do not mind rebuilding it. If I remember correctly, it was reset in the process.

    • arunphilip

      In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

      How do you determine how well cells are charging from powercfg? I'm curious, and it might also help the OP.

      • AnOldAmigaUser

        In reply to arunphilip:

        The result from powercfg /batteryreport showed a very sudden drop for a full charge...exactly two-thirds less. I checked the specs and it indicated the computer had a three cell battery. It did not seem like a stretch to assume that two of the cells were no longer working.

        • Simard57

          In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

          I had been routinely running powercfg and the graph was pretty bad - sharp decline. I originally thought there was a break-in period. I just waited longer to elevate the issue than I should have -- but dealing with service depts is never high on my list of things to look forward to.

          thankfully it is getting easier to recover from these things - all my personal files are in OneDrive.

          • AnOldAmigaUser

            In reply to Simard57:

            Sounds like you lost a cell or two, too. They did get the machine back pretty quickly, so hopefully your experience will be good as well.

            Luckily, I had an old laptop I could loan her in the meantime, as it was towards the end of a semester and she had a lot of papers due.

            • Simard57

              In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

              I never saw a good batteryreport so didn't have a before and after comparison to see.

              I do wonder why HP battery diagnostics didn't see any issues

              shipped laptop on Saturday and it arrived @ HP on Monday 22nd.

              they updated the status to expect return on Monday 29th.

              then told me there was a delay in repair but did not update return date. Hope to see it back soon. I am not on a Surface 3 and feel cramped.

              • AnOldAmigaUser

                In reply to Simard57:

                There is a section called Battery capacity history about halfway through the report. It indicates the full charge capacity and the design capacity. That is the information that shows the gradual degradation...or in my case extreme.

                • Simard57

                  In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

                  "smart" me left the battery reports on the laptop I sent in to have fixed. I saw that section too. The last chart consistently showed expectations of under 3 hours of use. You can bet I will be more diligent when I get it back to track this - I notice most when I travel and get less than expected use. When home, it is typically plugged in but I will now use it unplugged more routinely.

                  thanks for your posts - they helped.

                • Simard57

                  Last night I checked the repair status and the page showed nothing new. repair still paused but on track for a Monday (29 Jan) return which is what is has said since they received the laptop on Monday (22 Jan).

                  not 30 minutes later I get an email from FEDEX saying to expect a package today from HP with the same HP repair reference number... hmmm that is interesting. So I jump back to the HP status page to see what they did and it was what I say before.

                  I used the chat option to ask HP support what the story is - what did they fix. He tells me that the laptop is still in HP waiting to be fixed and to expect it Monday. I tell him about the FEDEX email and he responds with the HP support link I already checked. I was expecting he had access to internal information above what I have access to. That is 30 Minutes I cannot get back into my life.

                  So this morning, of course I get an email from HP saying the repair is complete and to expect a delivery today (FEDEX told me before they did). I again am curious what was found and what they did so go to their support page and see:

                  HP repairs your product.

                  Your product has been repaired.

                  ... this is the primary issue(s) with your product: BATTERY LMD LEVEL ABNORMAL

                  This is how your product was repaired:

                   they identify the issue but do not report what they did! sheesh what a tease

                  so I am unsure if I should feel good I am getting the laptop back quicker than I expected or feel that HP has support hiccups and doubt they did their job.

                  oh well - I soon leave on a 2 Week vacation to an All Inclusive in the Dominican Republic so I will just go with the flow!

                • Simard57

                  In reply to Simard57:

                  I did receive the laptop on thursday last week. They didn't wipe the drive out so I had access to the old batteryreport.html - great.

                  the jury is still out on this. I am suspicious given the experience I reported above. I am seeing improved battery life but still under what I anticipate. instead of 2-3 hours, I am seeing 4 hours. I expect closer to 6! It is set in the default HP power management mode.

                  I will continue to monitor it and may ping them in a few weeks again. I fear they returned it before actually replacing the battery.

                • AnOldAmigaUser

                  In reply to Simard57:

                  I would run batteryreport again and see if there are any changes.

                • Simard57

                  In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

                  i am - what changes should I look for?

                  I do have the report before i sent it in and can compare to new ones I run now

                • AnOldAmigaUser

                  In reply to Simard57:

                  I would look at Battery capacity history, and see if there are any changes there, compared to the reports prior to sending it. Then I would look at Battery usage and take an average of the power used per unit of time.

                  The full charge capacity divided by the average power use/time should give a more realistic estimate of what amount of battery time you can expect.

                • Simard57

                  In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:


                  I think that is in one of the reports - an estimated battery expectancy. I will dig in this harder next month. I have a vacation in the sun in a week or so

      • wright_is

        In reply to arunphilip:

        At a guess, "powercfg /batterreport", it generates a nice HTML report. "/energy" is also informative (must be run as administrator).

        Use "powercfg /?" for a full list of options.

        • Simard57

          In reply to wright_is:

          the command should be "powercfg /batteryreport"

          I will have to check when I get home because I don't recall seeing anything about the battery cells. I did run HP battery diagnostics and it came back good.

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