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Hey guys, so our 5 year old finally smashed the screen on his hand me down iPad 2 mini.  

I don’t want to buy a him a piece of junk, but he ain’t getting a new iPad either. He’s only 5!

I’m thinking of getting him a £150 8” Amazon Fire Kids tablet.  

Does anyone have any experience of them? All he’ll need is Amazon Prime video, Netflix and access to kids friendly games, which I think the tablet ticks all of.

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  1. Sprtfan

    My kids have the 8" Amazon Fire tablet from a few years ago. They are ok and the Amazon Freetime for 1 year that comes with it is a nice bonus. The 8" is worth the extra from the 7" from what I can remember. Don't expect it to be as smooth or trouble free as the iPad either though. I've had to reset them a few time over the last 2 years and some apps will randomly stop working and need to be reinstalled. Some of those issue might have been related to stuff being on a SD card. Either way, I'm happy with what I got for the money but also got them cheaper on a Black Friday sale.

  2. Chris_Kez

    I'm sure a 5yo will be happy with a Fire tablet, but I'll just note that you could also look for a refurbished or used iPad. In the US I have frequently used Swappa to buy used iOS and Android devices; I imagine there are similar well-established markets in the UK.

  3. Brazbit

    From what I have read, a lot of "kids" tablets are just regular tablets in a rugged/oversized case, if not a generation or two out of date. You can probably pick up a used tablet and put it in a rugged "kids" case and get a better experience at a lower cost than buying a "kids" tablet. That would allow you to run whatever device you wanted rather than being stuck with the handful of "kids" tablets on the market.

  4. bill_russell

    TL;DR they were decent for a while, but haven't used a Fire in like a year. We had gotten them for $80 ea. with bumper. (actually the 7")

    I liked it for the most part, although it would always get clogged with games and you'd have to do a purge every few months. Then one kid's got stepped on, then on the other seemed like no games were available anymore - not sure what happened there. So we moved on from the Fire's.

    Since new ipad's have been available for $250 for the last couple years if you look around, we ended up just getting a couple those at birthdays/xmas, and you know those will be a good experience. The only issue is to control the family access remotely you need an apple device of course. I prefer Google family link but that's life.

  5. Slvrgun

    Get them a book

  6. Patrick3D

    There is a new 7" Fire Kids Edition launching June 6th, it is currently on pre-order sale for £99, if you scroll down on the item's page Amazon has a table that compares the specs of each model.