Lenovo Daydream VR could be big in education


Our schoold district has been using something called Google Expeditions in the class room as an educational tool. It is basically a midrange phone and vr googles. They are purchased in kits that have an avg price between of $350-$400 depending on the number of units bought. They don’t work great, they have to be put together, and the battery life is not great. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/bestbuy-education/googleexpeditions/pcmcat748302046351.c?id=pcmcat748302046351

The Lenovo Daydream VR should be around the same price point, seems like they should be easier to use, and have better battery life if the 7 hours is accurate. I can see these being big in education even if they don’t have huge success with everyday people at the begining.

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