Need low-cost multi-function printer for ocassional use


I brought an Epson 3640 in 2014. Works fine & I really like it. But in the past four years, the status page says that I have printed 901 pages. The ink is just killing me…$70 to replace all cartridges which might be OK if they didn’t dry out but they do! So, I’m thinking a color laser makes more sense but I want a two-sided ADF scanner & fax. Also want two paper trays. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced (under $500) multi-function laser that also has affordable consumables?

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    I have the HP Color LaserJet M281fdw. Works well. I haven’t done the math on consumables but definitely cheaper than most ink jets especially if you get the higher capacity toner cartridges. Also, I think what kills you on inkjet running costs is that if you don’t print much your printer wil still suck up a lot of ink in cleaning cycles. I had the Epson WF-3620 which is basically the same as yours and found it went through a lot of ink. Epson printers are also annoying in that they stop printing when they decide the ink is too low, which tends to be well before the cartridges have run out. The HP OfficeJets I’ve used don’t do that.

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    North of 49th

    I purchased a black and white Laser AIO for the same reason. I printed so rarely that when I needed to print something, the ink cartridge was dry. It ended up costing me a replacement cartridge every time I needed to print something. The last straw for me was a back-up of travel documents the day before a flight. I've had the LaserJet for a while and I have no complaints - I don't miss the color. ... and the toner doesn't dry up like ink.

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    Alexander Rothacker

    I have long ago made that transition for the exact same reason, I have both a b&w and a color Brother MFC AIO laser printer. The consumables for the color printer are still not cheap, but they don't dry out and last for a super long time.

    The models I have are not on made anymore, but I would look for a Black Friday deal on a Brother MFC and get the cheapest that has the features you need.

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    Your cost per page is high if your printer cost is low. The reverse is also true. You can't have it both ways.

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