PSA: Don’t drop tempered glass


Well guys, ever get that feeling that since things have been going so well for quite some time, that something bad is bound to happen any day now?

I bought my main gaming PC about two years and some change ago, and I decided that it was time to blow out the dust. So I bring it upstairs into the garage, and set it down on the narrow strip of carpet we have that goes down the middle.

So I begin removing the side panel. Mind you, this is only a few inches off the ground. But it slips out of my hand, one corner lands on the concrete, and…

Smash. Into a million pieces.

As it so happens, Micro Center, which is nearby, sells replacements for this specific case, a LANCOOL 205. My OCD wouldn’t let me use this computer for too long without a side panel.

So folks, learn from my mistake. Please handle these things with the utmost care, for the love of all that is holy.

I’m thinking my next tower could do without this feature. Even if it’s nice to look inside and see the pretty lights.