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How does the whole review unit process go? I’ve noticed that Brad has had that Surface Studio for a few months now. Is it his? Is it Microsoft’s? Would returning it make the Surface Laptop review unit get to you guys sooner?

I don’t mean this as a dig, I am just interested in learning more of the insider baseball on the whole review unit aspect of things. What does Microsoft expect out of you as part of this relationship and what expectations do you have from Microsoft?

Keep up the good work.

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  1. Brad Sams

    We request an item, sign a docment for short/long term review.

    We get devices based on availialibty and if Microsoft likes us that particular week...

  2. Patrick3D

    If you have a Youtube channel/blog and enough followers on social media then chances are that "you too", could get review units from companies. There are many articles and videos about how to request products for review. For another perspective, here is an article from someone that was launching a product and was on the receiving end of requests: