The 5G Hype Is Inexplicable to Me


The more I read about 5G – supposedly the next coming of internet-connection-Jesus – the more I’m like, “Do they really expect the UX for this not to suck? Terribly?” I just saw an article discussing the millimeter-wave spectrum that makes this stuff work, and the beam gets blocked if a person walks between the transmitter and the device. Seriously.

In order to get around this problem, they are having to form and track countless beams and look at the reflections of the beams off of every object in the environment to try to maintain a connection outside of controlled conditions… and one of the supposed benefits of this is that it’s going to save electricity! What in the heck do they think is going to power all that tracking and processing, unicorn giggles?

4G is bad enough, dropping out if you walk into the wrong part of a building. 5G is going to require in incomprehensible amount of very densely-packed infrastructure all over the place to even work, let alone have a good experience.

How is it that people think this scheme is going to work out?

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