Ugly White, Silver and Grey Laptop Rant


I hate White, Silver, Grey and Black PC’s (and cars). I want a PC’s in blue, red, green, etc. Even “Apple Gold” is better than the same old silver. I recently bought a small cheap portable Dell in “Apple Gold”. was the only web site that even had it in that color! Gold is the new “in style” color right now thanks to Apple’s gold iphone and Trump’s gold toilet! HeHeHe…

I’m now looking for a higher end ultra book. I like the new 20106 HP Specture x360 that Paul recently gave a good review of. However, it’s Silver only! Yuck! There is a 2015 model in tan/gold. I like that laptop color but I would prefer the 2016 model. Does anyone know if HP plans to make a colored Specture x360 later this year? That would be worth waiting for! HP, if you are listening, might I suggest Tardis Blue!

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