Another computer-related "A-ha" moment (bought a Gsync monitor)


Greetings all,

You know those moments you have with technology where you say, “Ah, now I get it?” Just had one the other day and I wanted to know if others feel the same about this particular type of upgrade.

I owned a 60-Hz 1440p Dell monitor for about six years, but I upgraded to a 32″ Gsync monitor made by LG (also 1440p). 144 Hz as opposed to 60.

Boy oh boy, this does seem to be a case of “can’t go back.”

Mostly because of the fluidity and the fact that I have 5″ more of physical screen real estate. DOOM looks amazing.

The only sticking point is the fact that it’s a VA panel, which I seem to notice doesn’t have *quite* as good viewing angles as IPS. It’s not a deal-breaker though.

So how about it my PC-gaming friends? Do you concur? 😀

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  1. martinusv2

    I have yet to try a 144 Hz monitor. I am eying the 34 inch QHD curved IPS from LG. It's just the $1.3k CAD price. :) My friends tell me the same thing, at 144 Hz, you don't want to go back :)

  2. madthinus

    I have a overpowered Geforce 1070 powering a 1080p @ 60Hzdisplay and I sort of tune the game to run at solid 70fps. The net result is a rather quiet gaming experience and at a solid frame rate. I have been tempted by 144Hz and then I remember what it is like when the card hisses like a cobra. So I am torn between uber gaming and cool and quiet at rock solid.

  3. jwpear

    When you say you don't want to go back, is this purely from the perspective of gaming or everyday computing scenarios as well? I notice a difference in mouse and scrolling fluidity between 30 and 60 Hz. I don't have a 144Hz monitor, but have honestly kind of written off for everyday use as being an overkill/diminishing returns situation. I don't do a lot of PC gaming these days.

    Just curious.  Appreciate the insight.

    • ErichK

      In reply to jwpear:

      I would say it's the gaming where I notice it the most, but it does also seem like just using Windows in general day-to-day is smoother as well. But ... I have to admit, if I wasn't a gamer, I'm not sure if I would have been so eager to make this upgrade. Still, in the future maybe 120 Hz is going to be a normal minimum even for productivity scenarios.

      I've already encountered situations where my graphics card is overkill. I have a GTX 1070, and when I play Unreal Tournament 3, the frame rate is just absurd -- over 300 FPS sometimes. I edited an .INI file and set the cap to about 140, so I know for sure that Gsync can always do its thing.

  4. Vladimir Carli

    I play FPS games at 1440p on a g-sync 100hz monitor. the fluidity is amazing. The main consequence is that I can't stand playing with any console on a standard TV screen

  5. SWCetacean

    Congrats on the new monitor! For me, going above 60 fps was the big upgrade. While I didn't notice the major benefit of 144 fps at first, once I went back to playing at 60 fps I could instantly notice the difference. For me, the minimum frame rate that feels good to play at is around 75 fps, but that depends on the game. I can play The Division 1 and 2 at that fps and it feels alright. But I can't play Warframe at less than 100 fps without it feeling jerky. Higher is better of course, but for me, going beyond 144 fps is starting to hit the point of diminishing returns. I used to have a 144 Hz monitor, then I went to a 165 Hz G-Sync monitor, and the move from 144 Hz to 165 Hz wasn't a big difference to me.

    G-Sync to me wasn't as big of a deal, because before I got a G-Sync monitor I rarely used V-sync anyways. And I guess my eyes aren't that sensitive to screen tearing. But it's a nice feature that I use on all of my games. It seems like a big benefit to anyone who uses V-sync though.

    But for me at least, 144 Hz is not a requirement for non-gaming tasks. Like yeah, everything is smoother at >75 Hz, but I don't need my web browser, my code editor, or my terminals to be running at 144 Hz for me to be comfortable. So I use regular 60 Hz screens for my non-gaming and work monitors without issue.

    • ErichK

      In reply to SWCetacean:

      Thanks! I just wonder what the future holds. Every time I think I'm all set and the tech industry couldn't possibly come up with something new, along comes something better that I [have] to have! ;-)

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