Another computer-related "A-ha" moment (bought a Gsync monitor)


Greetings all,

You know those moments you have with technology where you say, “Ah, now I get it?” Just had one the other day and I wanted to know if others feel the same about this particular type of upgrade.

I owned a 60-Hz 1440p Dell monitor for about six years, but I upgraded to a 32″ Gsync monitor made by LG (also 1440p). 144 Hz as opposed to 60.

Boy oh boy, this does seem to be a case of “can’t go back.”

Mostly because of the fluidity and the fact that I have 5″ more of physical screen real estate. DOOM looks amazing.

The only sticking point is the fact that it’s a VA panel, which I seem to notice doesn’t have *quite* as good viewing angles as IPS. It’s not a deal-breaker though.

So how about it my PC-gaming friends? Do you concur? 😀

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