Deleted My Facebook Account


I finally did it. Even before the Cambridge Analytics deal, I was considering deleting my FB account. About two months ago I removed the FB app from my phone. I didn’t need that kind of connected anymore. Across all my services I felt like I was in notification hell and started to purge.

I don’t believe these companies are “spying” on me per se. For example, I want Amazon and Target to track my buying habits so I get ads and offers and suggestions that matter to me.

But Facebook is personal. I put stuff on Facebook to share with my family and friends…not data analytics companies.

It was a good reminder of what Facebook is: free.

I really thinking about not using gmail anymore either and paying for a Office365 account or using iCloud’s email (I’m a part time Mac user).

Do I trust companies like Microsoft and Apple more than Google or Facebook? I dunno….maybe. Could Microsoft and Apple misuse my data too? Sure. But at least Microsoft and Apple make money by selling stuff.

With Google and Facebook, my data is how they make money.

It has me re-thinking what I use.

Any thoughts?

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