The tech world has gone to hell


Anyone looking at the tech world 10 years ago, then looking at it again in 2019 would be totally shocked, and probably wouldn’t believe a thing they were seeing. It makes little sense even to seasoned techies who are watching the tech world shift and morph into something quite unbelievable. I’ll give you a few examples;

Microsoft embedding Linux in Windows – making it a 1st party extension. Whaaaaaaat? Balmer and Gates must be traumatized!

Apple iPhone sales falling, with no ‘next big thing’ in sight.

Microsoft showing off an Android phone!

Apple selling Microsoft products on their website

Apple launching a (near) budget iPhone, and possibly a real budget iPhone next year

Microsoft and Google working together

Microsoft and Samsung working together (I think that’s more about Microsoft’s litigation threats though)

Microsoft and Intel no longer best friends, and MS porting WIndows to ARM!

AMD beating Intel at their own game, and Intel cutting prices to try and compete! Madness.. but great to see.

WIndows being pushed further and further down Microsoft’s priority list. It’ll be off the bottom soon (recent patch quality indicates this is now a certainty).

Google, who started as a simple search engine, are now one of the biggest tech companies in the world

Everthing’s a subscription, subscription, subscription!

Plenty more I’m sure, but it’s certain the tech world has gone to hell. What happened to good old competition? Now everyone want’s to work together

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