Windows on ARM = Netbook Revival?


Back in 2009, I had an Asus EeePC 900A, running Eeebuntu. It was an amazingly portable, little laptop. It wasn’t a powerful laptop, by any stretch. It’s portability, well made up for it. You could fit the EeePC in a glove box or a purse even.

Above the Asus EeePC 900

Many netbooks back then, were pretty awful for typing on, and many weren’t good for a lot of things. Especially due to their small screens, cramped keyboards, tiny track pads, and slow atom processors.

However, there were very good netbooks, like the Thinkpad X120E, and the later Asus EeePCs, that improved upon many things.

Above: ThinkPad X120e

Now, with the new Windows on ARM laptops coming out, that offer 20 hours of battery. Also, ‘always on’ technology, like we have in our smartphones. Could netbooks make a successful comeback? Would you buy a modern ARM based netbook?

What do you think?

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