Edge 100% CPU use


I keep seeing 100% CPU spikes from Edge when going to zdnet.com, my CPU and GPU go nuts. It’s not nearly as bad in Firefox. Anyone know why ?

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  1. jdjan

    Check your plug-ins. I had something weird happen this week with Grammarly chewing up CPU cycles and I had to disable it. It was fine before the latest Edge update.

  2. jimchamplin

    Could it be the 43 autoplay videos and 1,591 JavaScript trackers on the homepage? ?

    In all seriousness, I have noticed Edge using more CPU since the last update.

  3. waethorn

    Set your tracker protection to Strict and try it again.

  4. allberry2001

    I set it to strict and it went from 100% to 3.2% so it has to be something on the site.

  5. j5

    The past couple weeks I've also notice heavy CPU usage from Edge as well.

    • Paul Thurrott

      I had this issue a while back and it was fixed by an Edge version upgrade. I think it was tied to a performance improvement that Microsoft had added to Chromium as well, and it was reversed.

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