First Impressions of Windows 7 in 2009


With Windows 7 support set to end, tomorrow. What was everyone’s first impressions of Windows 7, back in 2009?


It was clean, fresh and beautiful! It seemed similar to Vista, but not totally. I loved the superbar, as it was innovative and utilitarian!

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    "Glory days... well they'll pass you by

    Glory days... in the wink of a young girl's eye

    Glory days, glory days"

    -Bruce Springsteen

  2. ghostrider

    Win7 was MS firing on all cylinders - design team, programmers and management. They righted what was wrong with Vista (a maligned OS ahead of its time) and produced something that has stood the test of time and was designed as a desktop OS for users and nothing else, and is widely regarded as Microsoft's defining moment. Everything since has either been garbage, or has been designed with Microsoft's interests in mind and not their users.

  3. wright_is

    I didn't like the transparency rubbish, but apart from that, it didn't get in the way much. It felt like Windows was finally catching up with Linux and OS X, Microsoft having let Linux overtake Windows, with XP a long time back.

    That said, even with the transparency, it was a lot better than the Fisher Price interface of Windows XP.