Font rendering in (Chr)Edge


Is anyone else having font rendering issues in the new Edge? I am seeing random amounts of text display as hieroglyphics (more appropriately, different alphabets such as Thai, Khmer, Greek/Cyrillic, Kanji, Chinese, and generally slightly larger and bold) in the middle of paragraphs. Selecting the paragraph will correct the display, though the problem may pop up in a different paragraph. FWIW, I have no language packs installed on the computer.

I have reported it in Feedback, but cannot screenshot it because the screenshot functionality in feedback has been showing a black screen for the last few builds. I am running the Dev Channel. Classic Edge, and Firefox do not suffer from this issue. I have removed Chrome from all computers with the advent of (Chr)Edge, so I do not know if it is Chromium or Microsoft specific.

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  1. SWCetacean

    It's an upstream Chromium bug that Edge picked up (Dev and Canary). The edge team got the fix for it last Friday or something, so it hasn't rolled out yet.