Anyone else tried or purchased Groupy? I used the trial and then purchased it, but I’m still not convinced it was a great purchase. The only use case I consistently use it for is to group my Teams and Skype window. I grouped them because they’re both messaging apps.

What other use cases have people come up with?

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  1. JimP

    I group my Windows Explorer, Word, SQL Management Studio and Visual Studio instances together (4 groups, not all one super group).

  2. Chris_Kez

    I used the free trial but ended up not buying. I used it for three things: 1) a Messaging group that had my Skype and Hangouts windows; 2) a File Explorer group for all my FE windows; 3) Project groups for stuff I was working on at the time (e.g. Project 1 group includes two Excel spreadsheets, two PowerPoint decks and a Word document. Project 2 group includes one Excel spreadsheet, one PowerPoint deck, and a couple of browser windows).

    If those groups were reflected in the task-bar then I would have bought it. I suggested it on their forum but I have no idea how likely or possible it is.

  3. Brad Sams

    I currently use it to group Skype, TodoIst and my calendar.

  4. Finley

    Are you able to save group groups to relaunch?

  5. Jurjen Kranenborg

    I find it very useful on small-screen devices; I have a Surface (non-pro) 3 in mint condition that is actually my one-and-only private computer. Groupy allows me to have the desktop shortcuts to all kinds of files (sitting at the left side) available while using two groups: one for time management (Microsoft To-Do, MS Calendar, Outlook 2016, sometimes with OneNote UWP added if needed) and the other group for all open File Explorer windows (settings such that all new Explorer windows are automatically grouped in this one). Any extra application I open I often choose to add to the first group. In my experience I get a much more "relaxed" desktop use now on my S3 screen as it seems more organized. I heartily recommend it.

  6. dmos01

    I use Directory Opus, so I don't need it. I definitely would if I was using regular Windows Explorer, though.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    I like it. The default settings make it a bit too easy to group two windows when you're positioning a window.

  8. Darekmeridian

    Been a Object Desktop subscriber for years and Groupy comes along in the package.

    I have a dual monitor setup, on my left I keep Tweeten & Firefox grouped together and on the right I have Outlook, Word, and One note together.

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