Harman Kardon Invoke,can it be modded


Is there anything we can do with this paper weight now that its dead to Microsoft.

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  1. StevenLayton

    Go back in time and make a better purchasing decision? ;)

  2. Patrick3D

    Windows Central reports it was just an outage over the weekend and should be working now: https://www.windowscentral.com/no-microsoft-not-removing-cortana-invoke-there-are-some-issues

    • Paul Thurrott

      It wasn't just over the weekend based on the emails I received. Also, if you have to reset a device, and multiple people had to, that means there was a problem.
    • willc

      In reply to Patrick3D:

      You shouldn't trust any of Windows Central's "reporting" - it's just an arm of Microsoft PR machine. The "outage" is surely just a lie cooked up to divert attention from the terrible way MS is treating its customers.

  3. earlster

    Use it as a Bluetooth speaker only. Not ideal, but that was always my backup plan for once Cortana was going to retire. It would be cool to put some sonos like software on it, and use it as a wifi speaker.

  4. glenn8878

    Put it in electronic waste recycling. You should know better than to buy any consumer product from Microsoft.

  5. earlster

    Way back I was reading a blog, where somebody modified an Invoke to output the audio to a stereo system. Considering that the sound of the Invoke is actually pretty good, maybe the reverse is possible, too. Replace the processing board with say a Raspberry PI and then customize it that way.

  6. Sprtfan

    Probably an odd work around, but I picked up an Echo Link for $10 and have it paired with the Invoke. I get to use Alexa and the Invoke is a nice sounding speaker. I just did this over the weekend since Cortana was having some issues. Might switch back to just the invoke since the problem seems to be fixed but the set up seems to be working fine.

  7. jimchamplin

    Cram a Raspberry Pi Zero inside its empty, lifeless shell?