MS Edge available on Android tablets?


Noticed that Edge for Android was available in the Google Play store on my Acer Iconia One 8 tablet, but haven’t seen anything from Microsoft about Edge being available for Android tablets. Has there been any chatter on this?

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  1. arunphilip

    Ditto - I noticed the same today and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy A 8.0 tablet.

    The UI behaviour doesn't seem to be as perfect as it was on the phone - I noticed that after setting the Dark mode, the address bar remained white, but the text also turned white/light gray, making it unreadable. Likewise, the current tab's colour would suddenly become transparent, making it invisible. I've provided feedback for the same.

    That said, I'm happy to have the same browser available now across my PC, phones and tablet, and I hope these teething issues are quickly addressed.

    • arunphilip

      In reply to arunphilip:

      An update that followed the initial release fixed the UI issues I had originally mentioned - now Edge on Android tablets seems perfect and spot on. Colour me happy and satisfied.

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