Outlook PWAs for Different Office 365 Accounts


I’m just wondering if there is any way to create multiple PWAs for Outlook as if I sign into one account and create a PWA, then sign out again, sign into a different account and create another PWA shortcut then the first one changes to that account too. I know for Google business accounts the URL for each one contains the domain so think that worked (from memory).

Is there a way around it? I have 3 Office 365 accounts for different companies so was hoping to create PWAs for each but I can’t find a way. Also signing out of Office 365 accounts is always messy and even if you sign out and close the browser, when you open it again you are still signed in so takes a few tries.



P.S. If you tick the “I’m not a robot” before typing your post it times out, redirects focus whilst you are typing and then doesn’t let you tick it again (on latest Chrome). After that pressing Post Thread does nothing. Trying on Edge Chromium now.

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