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my computer is often giving me BSODs, about once every other day. I tried to follow any advice I found on the Internet but the situation remains unchanged. I am thinking to try one of those tools that the can repair windows and in particular, the registry. However I don’t trust these apps very much. Some are very expensive, some install a lot of craps that slows down the computer, some seem malware more than repair tools. However, I would be willing to try one if I get a trustworthy recommendation. Did anyone here use one of these apps and can recommend it’s use?

Thank you

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  1. jimchamplin

    Ensure your drivers are up to date. Bad drivers are the number one cause of STOP errors.

  2. adkelkar

    Try an inplace update with an ISO. This used to be called Flat Update in XP days.

    This has solved many issues without having to reinstall windows and apps.

    From within windows click on the setup.exe of a compatible ISO.